Halt M-103 on February 16th on Parliament Hill in Canada!

Canadian International Cultural Expo 2007To the honourable MP Iqra Khalid and all other members of parliament;

I bring you greetings at a terrible moment in Canadian history.

MP Iqra Khalid, Motion M-103 has to be the sneakiest way of bringing Sharia Law into Canada that I’ve seen yet!  A writer for the Vancouver Sun wrote about Sharia and Canadian Muslims on January 30th, 2017.  They researched world views related to Sharia as well, and you really should read what this author had to say:  http://vancouversun.com/news/staff-blogs/sharia-set-off-alarms-in-canada-check-the-facts  

Perhaps hearing from a Canadian Muslim woman would help put things in better perspective.  Remember she fled Iran as you’ll see in this news article.  Her experiences and knowledge of her own faith abroad should be taken seriously as people from those nations come to our shores:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/life-under-sharia-in-canada/article743980/

Another recent article discussing Sharia in Canada shares concerns Canadian muslims had with a woman in Pakistan who was sentenced to death for blasphemy.  She had turned from the muslim faith to embrace Christianity.  http://www.canadianlawsite.ca/sharia-law-canada.htm

The first article above mentions that many of the Muslims in our country come from Pakistan and that Pakistani Muslims often hold a fairly harsh view of the Islamic way of life as it intersects with those outside the faith.

M-103 will create many more stories just like the one here:  http://www.international.gc.ca/media/aff/news-communiques/2010/362.aspx?lang=eng

Speaking out against anything to do with Islam will be punishable and that is exactly what those who are hardline Muslim want.  If any of you reading this email (this went to every single MP) have read anything related to the Koran, you will have learned about the Grand Caliphate.  Setting up a country to punish its citizens for speaking out against Islam is a major push in that direction and not a good one at that.

Canada prides itself on being a polite, free-speaking nation.  We consider ourselves to be able to hold opposing views in a respectful manner across much of the country.  Telling Canadians that they can no longer be Canadian because of one religion in its ranks is in itself, not a Canadian thing to do!  If the Federal Government wishes to create a climate of true tolerance and acceptance of all races, creeds, religions, genders, etc, then let the Federal Government begin by squashing Motion 103.  Christians under Sharia law are infidels, alongside the Jews.  The Koran says to kill the infidels and all who speak out against  the holy prophet.  Now it may be that the Federal Government would not go so far as to place those who have somehow “blasphemed” Islam on death row, but this is just the thin edge of the wedge.

Canada embraces all nationalities, all religions, all walks of life, all creeds. 

M-103 however, does not and seeks special protections for just one religion, one walk of life, one creed, and it is a creed that can’t even be agreed on within Islam’s own ranks around the world.  Canadians need to be reaffirmed that their freedom to disagree peacefully will not be threatened.  Canadians need to know that the Liberal government protects ALL  of Canada and not just one or two groups within the country.  Islam should not be singled out for protection.  Singling out one particular religion will actually breed discontent and hatred toward that religion because of its special treatment.  This is not how Canada does things.  Yes there may be pockets of discontent here and there, but Muslims who come to Canada should be encouraged to integrate into the communities they move to, learn what it means to be Canadian, and share in the privileges we have that make us so great as a whole.  Italians celebrate their heritage.  Ukrainians celebrate their heritage.  Jews celebrate their heritage.  No laws have been put in place to protect them from the rest of Canada, neither should a law be put into place that lifts a foreign way of life above the Canadian way of life on Canadian soil.

I call on every single member of parliament to re-think this broad curtailing of free speech in Canada.  Consider the testimonies of Muslim women who fled to Canada to escape laws such as M-103!  Think of the woman on death row in Pakistan for merely having a different belief than those she was once part of.  Here in Canada, women like her have the freedom currently to espouse whatever belief they wish, to speak of whatever belief they wish and discuss such beliefs with those of opposing beliefs without fear of being prosecuted.  All this will change if M-103 is passed on the 16th of February!  Think of your own beliefs, of your own persuasions, of the conversations you’ve had with others who believe differently than you.  Did you want to take them to court for thinking differently than you?  No? Then stop this motion from going any further and grant the same freedom you have, to the rest of Canada’s Muslims and those who respectfully disagree with them.  Muslim and Jew, Catholic and atheist should all be able to sit together without fear of saying something that will land them in court.



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  1. Response from Mawan Tabbara:

    Thank you for your email, Marilyn.

    M-103 is not legislation. If passed, it does not become a law. It affects no one’s rights or responsibilities. It is a motion meant to allow parliamentarians the opportunity to express an opinion.



    Hmmm. . . let’s look at this ‘opinion’ a moment longer:


    Now motions aren’t the same as private member’s bills. They’re often just about nodding in agreement with some flaky sentiment. M-103 is different. It’s got teeth.

    It calls on the Heritage Committee to commence a study on eliminating Islamophobia. The study could then recommend laws to pursue this nebulous goal. If they do, there’s a good chance they’ll be dragnet laws that criminalize anyone who dares stand up to the many unsavoury parts of orthodox Islam.

    There’s certainly evidence of an increasing climate of hate in Canada … coming from within Islam. Supremacist groups like the Brotherhood and Hizb ut-Tahrir have a rising presence here. And yet this motion could handcuff us from standing up to them.



    A motion expressing a resolution is usually worded as follows: “That, in the opinion of the House, the government should”, followed by a clear and succinct statement of the course of action the Member wishes to see adopted.

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