Does BC’s Logging Industry Burn Green???

The new BC Gov and Forest Fire Fallout

Premier John Horgan
The Canadian Press – Jun 29, 2017 / 8:20 pm | Story: 200652
UPDATE: 8:20 p.m.

British Columbia has a new governing party.

Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon asked John Horgan to form the first B.C. NDP government in 16 years, after the BC Liberals lost a vote of non-confidence in the legislature earlier Thursday.

“I have met with Premier Clark and will accept her resignation,” said Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon in a statement. “I have asked Mr. Horgan to form a government, he having assured me that he can form a government which will have the confidence of the Legislative Assembly.”


BC fire maps glow red
Jon Manchester – Jul 10, 2017 / 4:12 pm | Story: 201451
UPDATED: 3 p.m.


There are currently 218 fires burning, with 29 new starts, according chief fire information officer Kevin Skrepnek.

“It’s certainly less than what we’ve been seeing over the past few days,” he said. “We had in the neighbourhood of 140 new fires start on Friday and almost 100 on Saturday, so certainly less activity.” “
(That’s July 6th and 7th for those without access to a calendar to back up from the date of this news article)

A B.C. election primer

Everything you need to know about the issues and promises ahead of the provincial election

VANCOUVER The Globe and Mail Last updated: Saturday, May 06, 2017 2:50PM EDT

Green Party: “As well, the carbon tax would be applied more broadly, to capture fugitive emissions from natural-gas extraction, and slash-pile burning in forestry. ”

(never mind the fact that clear-cut followed by a decent slash-burn returns Nitrogen to the soil to help plants start growing again in a healthier fashion! Heck, the natives knew this before we learned about it!)

Green Party: “Andrew Weaver is the only major party leader who has voiced support for the decriminalization of drugs.”

“NDP: Mr. Horgan, too, has pledged to travel to Washington. The NDP platform calls for processing more logs in B.C. and expanded investments in reforestation. Mr. Horgan would not say if an NDP government would impose Ms. Clark’s thermal-coal levy.”

“Green Party: The party proposes several forestry-related measures, including curbs on raw log exports, protection of old-growth forests and steps to encourage value-added processing.”
(however, old-growth forests do not have much underbrush, causing the wildlife to move on to other areas potentially putting them at risk. A younger forest has more healthy, lush underbrush providing both food and shelter/cover for wildlife to return to)


The Greens/NDP government took power June 29th, 2017. A previously normal fire season for 2017 suddenly and ferociously changed on July 6th, 2017. British Columbia’s largest industry is being hit hard by the worst forest-fire season in years. The ecosystems the Greens claim to want to protect are going up in flames all over the province. Over 42,000 people have since been evacuated and only now as we approach the end of July, are some of them finally going home. Is there a correlation here? Has God struck at the god known as “mother earth” and hit the province’s largest income-generator at the same time? The cost of lumber is going up as large swaths of formerly merchantable timber goes up in smoke.

Both of these parties want to raise carbon taxes to deal with carbon footprints. Honourable on the surface, but damaging on the ground where tax payers have to foot the higher cost because companies passed it on down the line to the end-user. The new government even knows this trickle-down happens, offering low-income families a monthly rebate if their plan goes through. As quoted above, the Green party does not understand the benefit of slashburns in the forest industry, nor has the party ever fully understood healthy forestry practices. This is not good for the logging and softwood lumber industries of this province.

Songdove Books - MosesBut more than that, when God had a message for the government of Egypt in Moses’ time, He struck at the gods of the land, the gods the people worshipped and for whom the Pharaohs supposedly descended from. Earth worship is being touted more and more as the environmental agenda gets ever more ritualistic in its determination to force the general populace to observe earth days, earth hours, and personifying the earth when speaking of both good and bad events. The earth we live on belches more carbon dioxide into the air via volcanic explosions than cows or cars ever could, every year. Climate change has become the new focus around which to gather the faithful and shame the unconcerned.

Some would say that the BC government’s choice of ruling party(s) has brought down God’s swift and unequivocal condemnation. It’s been observed that while Obama was in power in the US, California experienced the worst and longest-lasting drought in its entire history, but when Trump got into power, the state began to see so much rain that in places it caused flooding. The New Orleans disaster with Hurricane Katrina was an immediate and again, unequivocal response to the US government forcing Israel out of Gaza. As if to add insult to injury, evacuees had to stay in mobile trailers for almost as long as the forced-out Israeli’s did. Anyone connecting these two dots was decried for being unfeeling and uncaring.

What most Christians today fail to consider, is that God, even in the New Testament, continues to deal with nations in an Old Testament fashion according to the prophetic passages and will do so right to the end of time. Christ’s own rule for 1000 years will closely match the type of rule God set down through Moses for the Hebrew people after they left Egypt, with one major addition: any country not sending a rep up to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles will see their country receive no rain. (see Revelation 19) Hmmm, there is the use of weather again to deal with the nations. In fact, a number of the seals/bowls/trumpets also use “natural cataclysm” to bring about God’s judgement. Isn’t it interesting that insurance companies classify weather-related damages as an “Act of God”??? This isn’t to say every natural cataclysm is a judgement from God, but there are moments when the fact there is no such thing as coincidence rises to the surface.

The new BC Gov and Forest Fire FalloutThe timing here in BC of the swearing-in of our new provincial government, their platform policies and the fires raging across the province is a little uncanny. The observation has been made that perhaps the churches of BC as a whole need to repent of anything to do with feeding the environmentalist lie in perpetrating worship of mother earth. God does call us to be stewards, but a steward is not a priest or spiritual vassal to something being worshipped. The religious fervor of the churches needs to be toward God alone as we manage, sustain, repair, use, and basically farm the land around us. God talks about husbandry in the Bible, which is a term for managing a vineyard. It involves thinning dead branches, pinching off too many flowers so those remaining bear bigger, better fruit, picking the fruit, fertilizing the ground, planting, uprooting, etcetera as needed. Doing this for our forests is mandatory and under NDP rule in the past, these practices suffered hugely, especially on Vancouver Island where the NDP have flourished for decades. We need to relearn what it means to be good stewards and set out a Godly definition apart from the religious ways of the environmental agenda being pushed by the Green party and others.

But is there more to this? Have we as a God-fearing province turned more toward our own provision than toward God’s? Have we gotten complacent as a province about our prosperity and forgotten from whence it comes? Financially, life in BC is going to get more expensive just has it has for our neighbors in Alberta. This is what the NDP do when they get in power. They raise taxes giving lofty promises as to what that increase will let them do – giving back a small portion of that to low-income families as a way to try to look good. It didn’t work in BC before, and it isn’t working in Alberta now. It won’t work here again. But memories are short, change was demanded, and sadly, change is not always for the better as we are seeing across Canada under our new Federal government.

Praying ChurchAs people go back to burned-down homes and try to rebuild their lives, let us also consider rebuilding our commitment to the local, provincial and worldview that God would have us adopt. What does that look like? How can we work it out in our various areas of influence? How can we honour God in our business dealings, forestry practices, farming practices, fishing practices, etc.? Perhaps as the global Green Charter has done, maybe we as Christians need to have our own council in the modern times, separate from the damaging effects of what the pope is trying to do bringing all of Protestantism back under the roof of the catholic church. Maybe we need a new council of ‘name of city’, whereby the Evangelical and Charismatic churches may find voice to set down for their people, a creed, a constitution if you will, that answers these questions from deep within God’s Word, ignoring for a time the loud voices of compromise demanding the Church give up God’s notions of sin in exchange for apparent relevancy and inclusiveness, focussing instead on God’s own convictions for order, relationship, and management of resources.

The god of the environmental movement here in BC is burning. Here in the Okanagan, Kelowna experienced the worst flooding since 1949, again, the god of the local environment being doused in water and causing extensive damage to homes and businesses all across the Central Okanagan. Who are we worshipping with our day-to-day activities and convictions? Who do our actions and time spent say we worship? Time for some introspection and examination. . .

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