Drink Your Rootbeer! (and a couple teas as well)

A&W Rootbeer Canada

Looking for a fun way to boost your immune system in the new viral landscape, potentially protect against “vaccine” shedding, and a low-dose way to feed your brain, your endocrine and your cardiovascular systems? Then Look no further than the Canadian A&W Rootbeer recipe! Seriously! Check out this news release from July 2017!

How the heck does a pop (Americans might call it a soda) have such a lofty list of benefits??!!

Story of A&W RootbeerDid you know that pop or soda, was actually a way to deliver medicine several centuries ago? If you look up how to make your own rootbeer, you’ll come across two recipe ingredient lists on average, and forums/blog comments on those recipes that will very quickly make you realize just how bitter these two recipes turned out to be when no sweetener was added. Barq’s (Barq’s Has Bite) Rootbeer replaces Licorice Root with Burdock root, which explains the “bite” in their slogan. Burdock is very high in anti-inflammatory/anti-bacterial compounds. But back to the Canadian recipe for A&W Rootbeer:

As noted on their news release, their commercial rootbeer underwent a major change in 2017, to now include the following ingredients:

Sarsaparilla root,
This plant, outside of India (their plant of the same name does not have the same properties) is a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxident, enhances bioavailability of other compounds, is a hormone regulator, and a cancer inhibitor.

Sarsaparilla root contains caffeoylshikimic acid (though not enough to be considered a source of caffeine), shikimic acid, ferulic acid, sarsapic acid, kaempferol, quercetin alongside vitamins A, B-complex, C and D, and the minerals iron, manganese, sodium, silicon, sulfur, copper, iodine, aluminum, chromium, magnesium, selenium, calcium and zinc. Whew that’s a long list! Check out these sources below for more info on this root:



Sarsaparilla Benefits – Detoxify The Blood


Licorice root,
This plant boosts Interferon Y (IFN-Gamma), contains anti-malarial compounds, essential phytonutrients such as flavinoids, polyphenols, thymol, beta-carotene, quercetin, and phenol. It is an expectorant, adaptogen containing phyto-estrogen, anti-inflammatory, can treat ulcers, is a laxative, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, and antifungal. It’s been known to treat depression, adrenal fatigue, and similar maladies.

Licorice root also contains several amino acids, manganese, B vitamins and phosphorus. Check out these sources for more information on this very yummy root: (I like to chew on the root itself as a treat!)



Birch bark
This tree’s bark and leaves are anti-malarial, boosts Inteferon-Y(IFN-Gamma), are known to help cleanse the body, maintain healthy skin and combat inflammation.

Both the bark and the leaves contain vitamin C, saponins, and flavonoids.

Birth bark sap is a solid source of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus as well as vitamin C and Thiamine.

Check out these articles for more info on this amazing tree:



Anise seed
Anise seed contains a wide range of B vitamins, vitamins A and C, folates, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, copper and calcium.

Anise seed oil extract has been used as a stomachic, treat depression, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-fungal, digestive aid, expectorant, stimulant, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and tonic as well as being a cardiovascular regulator, and gabba booster for the brain.

Here are three articles you can read for more info on this seed:



Notice how several of these ingredients contain compounds we know to be anti-malarial? Notice how many contain Vitamin C? Notice how many of them are anti-bacterial, anti-oxident, anti-viral, anti-fungal and are system regulators?

One ingredient in this list caught my attention because it contains Shikimic Acid. This acid has been researched to be the active ingredient promoted to protect unvaxxed people from the shedding occurring from those “vaccinated” against Covid-19. A quizzical lab technician had to research this as he’d heard about the growing news around Pine Needle Tea as a protection agent and wanted to know if this was fact or fiction in the world of natural health. Check out the results of that research at this link.

While many out there scoff at the idea of a vaccine causing shedding, the news is seemingly confirmed by Pfizer themselves.  Though some are questioning how its worded in the PDF , the issue remains that the concerns mentioned are being felt by growing groups of people, so they are looking for ways to deal with it. Some of them can be read in the comments of this linked article.

The biggest way so far is the concept of Pine Needle Tea, and this has raised the controversy once again over Ponderosa Pine Needles. Ponderosa Pine needles are high in astringent properties, making them unsafe for pregnant or nursing mothers. In addition, they carry the same warning for most other conifer needles one might choose to consume, and that is not to consume in high quantities, so it is unwise to make a tea solely of this particular pine needle, or any conifer needle for that matter. I write about this needle’s controversy on my daughter’s wildcrafting tea website. As I assist her in her tea business, we decided based on such warnings, never to make JUST a conifer tea of any type, but always to create blends with non-conifer ingredients. This ensures moderation for those who are safe to drink astringent teas.

Pine needles, as noted in the lab tech’s article above, don’t rely on any one or two breeds of pine tree. All pine trees have the acids in question to some degree, but as already stated, all things in moderation!!!

ashtreewildcrafting-Pine GardenIf you are looking for a Pine Needle tea but nervous about crafting one yourself, check out my daughter’s blend on her website. This is sold in Canada and therefore cannot contain medical advice of any kind, no guarantees, no assurances, etc. Articles related to several of the ingredients are listed on the tea’s ingredients tab, including the debate around Ponderosa pine needles and their safety.

But Pine Needle Tea is not the only way to deal with the threat of shedding. I’ve written about use of the comfrey plant in an oil salve made for my daughter’s horse. I’ve recently learned it too is high in Shikimate, as is a very common herbal tea out there, Ginko Biloba. If Ginko Biloba is your tea of choice, consider yourself well on your way to protection against any potential “vaccine” shedding!

Another ingredient on the anti-malarial list, is St. John’s Wort. Apparently it has Shikimate throughout the entire plant, flowers included. As this plant is primarily a medicinal plant, be sure to follow medicinal guidelines when consuming it. For average usage, your local health food store, herbalist, or naturopath can give you average doses, time durations, etc.

Even the Canadian A&W Rootbeer bottle should be consumed in moderation, particularly if you have a history of cardiovascular, digestive or kidney-related issues. If you are on medications for conditions in those categories, you should not drink A&W rootbeer from Canada, nor Barq’s Rootbeer. If you are pregnant or nursing, you shouldn’t have either of these pops then or you may risk going into labour early or having issues with your milk.

Ingredients on labelBut if you have none of those contraindicators, conditions or state of parenthood, then by all means, DRINK YOUR ROOTBEER! But not just any rootbeer! If you read the label and it has none of the ingredients listed here, put it back on the shelf and move on. Don’t go out and grab a bottle just because I told you so. Be critical, be discerning, and make sure you are grabbing the right stuff!  (Remember, in Canada, health claims can’t be made on regular food products, so these are called flavours instead)

A&W Canada Sat, 03 Jul 2021 14:11:02 -0700

All the A&W Root Beer® sold in our restaurants is now made with natural cane sugar and natural flavours. You can also purchase new 4 pack glass bottles of this root beer, which can be found in A&W restaurants and in the craft soda aisle of select grocery stores. We are still working on the plastic bottles and cans of A&W Root Beer® and the recipe for these hasn’t changed yet.

A&W Canada

Grabbing the right stuff is certainly a fun way to stay healthy now, hey???

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