Destroy the Past or Heal the Future ~ Which Will it Be?

Plains native Teepee

It’s been interesting, watching how Canadians have handled the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s efforts over the past number of years. I watched a well-respected Indigenous Christian educator and musical artist get so wrapped up in people’s stories, that she lost her marriage and began blocking anyone who tried to bring her back to a more balanced view of life. It was very sad to watch. I’ve seen others who have called for forgiveness among their people, and who have done everything they can to promote true Biblical, heartfelt reconciliation. The band “Broken Walls” is huge on this front, and their drummer is a certified suicide counsellor in Alaska. The rest of the band lives here in Canada, out toward Ontario.

The recent “pandemic”, a situation blown out of proportion by the WHO, and every government who followed their lead, gave rise to a bothersome trend that only partly has it’s roots in the histories of the US (BLM) and Canada (TRC), but that has been used to great length by those who would rewrite history to vengefully turn racism in any form on it’s head against the white man. Companies and organizations have forgotten that tribes existed in Europe as well as in Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific Islands. In the US, anyone associated with slavery in any way now has their names and images being destroyed just as they used to do in Ancient Egypt. Here in Canada, anyone associated with genocidal behaviour toward the first nations is getting the same treatment. Just this week, Captain Cook’s statue in Victoria BC got torn down and tossed into Victoria Harbour. A picture of the news includes red dresses hung on poles around the statue and one on top. This references the Missing and Murdered Women Inquiry which has honestly been dragging it’s feet while First Nations women continue to disappear, turn up murdered, or suffer rape. Much like what is happening among black people in the US, many of these crimes are from other First Nations people against their own women. Unfortunately, vandalism doesn’t further anyone’s agenda. Destruction of history doesn’t change what happened in history. Instead of learning from it, there is a disturbing trend to wipe it out.

Every Child Matters (image copyrighted to artist)So it was with some relief that a project in Vancouver BC, down on Commercial Drive, was met with positive action and voices among those who took part. Two First Nations people who helped out said that they needed to help with this project, and that it brought healing to them. What was that project? Was it tearing down statues? Was it burning down churches on reserves after unmarked graves were found at a number of residential school sites? No! This project was painting “Every Child Matters” on the pavement along one block of Commercial Drive! Instead of destroying history, this is choosing to move forward with a declaration that EVERY CHILD MATTERS!!! Those involved in this project have my respect. Those involved in the destruction of history and public property have my concern, dismay, and disdain.

Those who are lashing out destructively will not move forward as well as those who are finding ways to heal. As one whose cousin’s two son’s were adopted by tribes in Ontario a few years back, (their mom and I share the same grandma, she on her dad’s and me on my mom’s) there is potential for us to be members of those who are split in their behaviours and actions about their past.

I come from the belief that you can’t change the past, but you can change the future. Maybe you didn’t have a say in what happened to you then, but you have a say in what choices you make now going forward. You can’t control how others view or interact with you, but you can control how you choose to interact with them.

Christian flagCan’t get past some event or historical situation? Ask God for help! Emmanuel, Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ Himself, is ready and waiting to do what only He can do in your life. Reach out to Him, ask Him to forgive your own sin past or present, thank Him for His gift of eternal Salvation, and ask Him to come into your heart and life and lead you in a new way. He never ignores such a prayer, EVER! Change may or may not come quickly, that is very individual, but as time goes on, you’ll look back and see how indeed He did help you move forward. But God is a gentleman and won’t move into any area you refuse to let Him into. So invite Him into ALL areas of your life! You won’t regret it! Will life become suddenly easier to live? No it won’t. It can even get more difficult depending on the reactions of others around you. But now you’ll have God on your side to get through those times in ways you wouldn’t have been able to in the past AND you have eternity to look forward to away from all the pain and suffering earthly life brings with it.

It is certainly interesting to watch the various groups work out how they feel about how life treated them or their ancestors. Rest assured, those choosing positive action will go farther than those tearing down every hint of history they don’t like, can’t live with, or haven’t figured out how to move past. History is full of the good, the bad, the terrible, and the amazing. I’ll ask you a question God often asks me: Where is your focus???

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