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face maskIf you’ve been wearing the triple-layer commercially-manufactured face mask for the past 1.5yrs, despite Health Canada’s rollback on their recall back in the Spring, you may still want to switch to a cloth mask, if you bother with a mask at all. This article does mention Health Canada’s recall in April 2021 due to finding graphene in these masks, but Health Canada backtracked on that a couple months later.

The article linked to above goes into detail about the dangers of graphene, and reading the comments is eye-opening at times. In addition, a test by a group of Spanish scientists is discussed, along with correction of the language translation that is causing misunderstandings around the test in the English scientific world. This test isn’t about the masks, but about the so-called “vaccine” itself.

EDIT September 10, 2021:

At least two other scientist groups have also since made their own discoveries of graphene in all four of the major “vaccines”.  Dr Young, a naturopathic doctor, leads one of these groups.  View one of his interviews with Del Tree on Highwire, starting near the 58min mark.  A similar interview is viewable here.  His full paper is readable here, and not quite half way through the paper, you actually come across a parasitic surprise!

end edit.

EDIT January 21, 2022:

Dr Carrie Madej is a Christian integrative medicine doctor, who began looking further into the vaccine’s contents, thanks to a roundtable she’d been invited to earlier around the subject of “Human 2.0”.  What came out at that meeting, combined with what she later discovers in all four major vaxx vials, made her cry in righteous anger!  She shares those findings in this video.  You can research various aspects of what she mentions just by entering those terms in a search box away from google.  Her most upsetting discovery is the Hydro Vulgaris parasite.  However, she also mentions the Nano-lipid envelope, and apparently, Nano-lipid refers to something called Hydrogel, a type of material the body doesn’t reject, that can protect contents inside, such as the graphene oxide this blog article is intended to discuss and that is discussed when considering graphene oxide in biotech applications.

end edit.

Various people have claimed here and there, that quarters magnetize on the injection site several months after the injection, that a vet’s pet chip finder locates something in her arm and reports a code from it, that others have people’s cellphones trying to lock onto them after injection, etc. This led to concerns there might be a chip in the vaccine, but the best I could uncover on that one led to syringes being chipped, but not the liquid itself. Questions and concerns starting to surface over something called graphene led me to the question: What would be the smallest stable presentation of a graphene magnet? This question grew out of the fact that graphene is currently being studied in the magnetic, electrical and digital data transmission spaces with an eye to stabilizing quantum computing. That led me to various discussions about the nature of graphene, how it behaves as a superconductor (spin-triplets) under high magnetic pressure (up to 10 Tesla so far) and eventually led me to this article I’ve linked to above.

One commentor observes that graphene oxide’s magnetic properties are inactive when frozen and become active when warmed up. Remember that most of the current “vaccines” out there must be kept below certain storage temperatures and this created problems for popup clinics in Vancouver BC due to the heat dome we were under here in BC in June/early July of 2021. Another commentor shared a number of links, one of which went to a bio-tech press release involving two companies researching how graphene would allow biotechnology to assist with or manipulate the Vagus Nerve in the brain, potentially taking over para-sympathetic behaviour.

EDIT: August 20, 2022

The above paragraph’s notes take on further significance when joined by the following quotes from an article Mercola released on today’s date.  Note the reference below, to both magnetics and how heat affects the nanoparticles.

“The team used genetic engineering to express an ion channel in the flies’ neuronal cells that is activated by heat. Magnetic nanoparticles that become heated when a magnetic field is applied were injected into the flies, which were then placed in an enclosure with an electromagnet on top.”

“By changing the magnet’s field in a specified way, the researchers could heat the nanoparticles and activate the neurons. An analysis of video from the experiments showed flies with the genetic modifications assumed the wing-spread posture within approximately half a second of the magnetic field change,” according to Rice University.6″

““The long-term goal of this work is to create methods for activating specific regions of the brain in humans for therapeutic purposes without ever having to perform surgery. To get to the natural precision of the brain we probably need to get a response down to a few hundredths of a second. So there is still a ways to go.””

“There is certainly immense potential to use neuroengineering to positively influence human health. But there’s also immense potential for such technology to be abused, especially in the hands of an agency like DARPA.”

“Hydrogel is another DARPA invention, which involves nanotechnology and nanobots. This bioelectronic interface is part of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines’ delivery system. The biochip being developed by Profusa is similar to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in that it utilizes hydrogel.”

I quote from Rice University again in my article around Human 2.0 where I discuss more about the Hydra’s link in these endeavors.

artist's rendition of grapheneend edit.

Discussion around graphene’s behaviour when inhaled made some commentors think of Asbestos and the health problems and lawsuits that have resulted from that problem over 50 years ago and that still crop up in older buildings to this day. Some of the commentors in the original article above are saying this would cause the kinds of lung problems that sent so many to hospital to be mistreated/ill-treated/wrongly treated and therefore dieing. As an asthmatic myself, seeing people intubated AND laying down made me darn near literally scream! When my own lungs fill with fluid, I sit up!!! Laying down is a surefire way to continue the drowning! Sitting up moves the fluids away from the bronchials allowing me to continue breathing, however shallow, until the asthma medication has kicked in allowing me to cough out the fluids! I’ve lived with this issue for over half my life!

The discovery by the Spanish scientists of graphene in the “vaccine” liquid is challenged by one scientist in the comments, but partially because of the translation into English. It has others seriously wondering now about the existence of the spike protein, but while the existence of COVID-19 itself seems to remain elusive, there are scientists out there who say they’ve not only researched and recommended use of the spike protein in the “vaccine”, but realized error in choosing to do that (a Guelph U of Ontario prof apparently warned of the “mistake” of using the protein in the “vaccine”). However, based on yet another commentor’s observations, graphene oxide can be disrupted using many of the same vitamins and minerals already suggested for preventing/treating COVID and denaturing or destroying the spike protein, including the mention of Quercetin in their list.

It is now a strong possibility that the reason for apparent magnetic/electronic behaviour going on in various people who have gotten “vaxxed” is because of the presence of graphene oxide. Considering most N95-style and 3-layer masks were being manufactured and shipped out from China, there are those now pointing the finger at China again, saying that the lung problems many have been hospitalized over and died from, were created by these factories dusting the masks with graphene and some boxes by some companies actually do state “contains graphene” right on the box. It is this Canadian’s opinion that Health Canada should not have rolled back their recall and should have maintained that masks containing graphene are a health hazard.

  • First, we had a bioweapon escape the Wuhan lab in China which they admitted to in early March but that media jumped on as fake news and that governments, WHO and medical “experts” denounced as inaccurate.
  • Second, we had the PCR test thrust on us that couldn’t tell one Corona Virus from another and threw up terrible numbers of false positives, feeding the panic the WHO was fomenting around the world.
  • Third, we get shedding going on, causing irregular trouble for those who are unvaxxed being near those who are, and those who are vaxxed developing micro-clotting particularly near capillary areas.  The threat here being identified as the spike protein in the “vaccine”.
  • Now a fourth element enters the mix, most likely responsible for the pulmonary conditions that killed so many, graphene in the masks being delivered worldwide ostensibly to prevent people from spreading the COVID-19 virus or breathing it in.

The bio weapon introduces auto-immunity to those who catch it, however based on mainstream media sources only, the numbers of people who died from auto-immunity weren’t as high as anticipated, the masked infected numbers (which we can now more accurately refer to as masked-poisoned numbers) boosted the tallies necessary to make things look like a pandemic. Mask enforcement was mandated all the more heavily.

Vesicular_stomatitis_virus_(VSV)_EM_18_loresCries for and apparent rushing around for a vaccine took place, along with rumours surfacing about viral vectors for vaccine delivery. I began researching that and found that of all the various viruses labs had found, one stood out as the best delivery method due to how easily it breached the blood-brain barrier. This was uncovered by researching into something called the “FUN Vaccine” or Fundamental vaccine as it was being researched back before 2011 for potential use to quell religious Islamic insurgents in Iraq. The idea for that vaccine was to dim or flip off, the “god gene” and by extension, reduce the religious fervor that drove groups such as Al Qaida. When I researched the idea of a chip in the vaccine, I found that one company’s single-dose syringes had been requested by a corporation related to the FDA, way back in May of 2020, supposedly before the cry for a vaccine actually happened in the media. Meanwhile, biotechnology companies had been researching ways to implant chips in the skin, the brain, and other methods of bio-electric health technology even earlier in the early 2000’s. I was reading about some of this stuff in 2004.

One of the notes in the research I uncovered over the “FUN vaccine” discussed aerial delivery such as from plane chem trails over areas of insurgency to deliver the viral-delivered vaccine through the atmosphere in localized areas. Currently scientists who study birds, are freaking out over thousands of birds on the east coast of North America, falling dead. Song birds as well as Corvids, and they are calling it a “mystery illness” and are scrambling to figure out what is causing it. I can’t help sitting over here going, “hmmmmm. . . “

Bird lungs are far smaller than human lungs, and we already know from watching West Nile that if Corvids start dropping in your area, to call Conservation and the local health authority, because West Nile can and has jumped to humans. In the case of this “mystery illness” that seems to be hitting birds and then they die within hours of catching it, songbird and corvid alike, they claim they don’t yet know what it is. However, it is already noted above that if inhaled, graphene causes similar lung trouble and potentially death.

Are they experimenting with aerial spraying of a viral vaccine delivery system containing graphene? We will have to watch those areas for human uptick at the hospitals.

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