When Movies Predict the Future

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I’ve said it many times over the years. I am a firm believer that the world of entertainment has been used since at least the 40’s if not earlier, to test ideas on the masses and groom them for acceptance of such ideas in real life. I’ve watched this play out with euthanasia, the homosexual agenda, environmentalism, and other subjects as well. I don’t watch much in the way of movies, but I do read reviews and sometimes plot lines to inform myself of what is going on occasionally in the entertainment world. Many times, those bits of info come to me uninvited, occasionally I go looking for them. I rarely come away from my observations without some tidbit tucked into the back of my head to keep a watch out for in the years to come.

In recent years (as in, the past 20), the testbed for such events as we’ve seen unfold over the past 1.5yrs has been largely in the gaming industry, but also in the occasional movie and interestingly enough, entire book series’ aimed at middle and high schoolers. The cartoons of the late ’80’s were testbeds for new age teachings that would become the basis for various forms of ethereal healers, therapists, and behavioural life coaching.

the-andromeda-strain-1971-9There is a shred of truth in every piece of fiction. It’s been said that life imitates art, or that art imitates life. However, it has been abundantly clear to myself and anyone paying attention, that the advent of mass delivery of entertainment became a very powerful vector for influencing mass acceptance of an idea, mass rejection of an idea, mass fear of an idea, or mass rage for or against an idea. It’s also been a great desensitizer, particularly in the gaming world where you often play a character involved in some form of storyline, given the option of choices where in real life, you wouldn’t have made any of those choices, but in the game, you have to pick one. The lifeboat classroom game on steroids!!!

Conditioning and desensitizing, along with carefully crafted stories, sound and imagery all work together to shift society where they want it to go on any new concept they plan to introduce down the road. The entire time, they simultaneously get people to believe that it’s all fictional, the stuff of fiction never happens in the real world, in the fictional realm you can be and do and say anything you want and it won’t affect you when you turn off the X-Box, GameCube, etc.

But the powerful nature of the entertainment world is so well known that product companies buy cameo spots to have their product or logo displayed “in-game” or “on-set”, or they sponsor a song or promote a series of books. Why??? Because the human mind will associate those products with what they are enjoying in the moment, and sales are positively affected!

archer in-gameSo while gaming companies argue in court that their games don’t have that much sway on their players, the string pullers continue their march through the entertainment aisles.

I am a Sci-Fi fan. There are various books and movies I haven’t watched because they were far too sexualized or toyed with the horror and gothic horror genres. Then there are books, movies and TV shows I followed quite happily until they began going really strange on me with the subject matter they were starting to push. As a PC Repair Tech, my enjoyment of and fascination with Sci-Fi began to take on elements of what I was watching in the spirit realm as I looked over past and current historical events. No longer was I merely reading or watching for entertainment’s sake, but paying attention to messages in the visuals, acting, plot lines, and focus of the various pieces.

THE-ANDROMEDA-STRAINNow a fellow watchman has drawn the connection between a movie that came out the year I was born, and what we are facing now. He thought the connection was amusing, and initially I did too till I reviewed the plot line again.

Take a read-through. This is for the book/movie, not the mini-series. There are a few tidbits in the plot line that may sound familiar to those who are paying attention to current events.

This movie was released the year I was born, the book was written a few years earlier. Toward the end of the plot summary, you come across a mention that a lab had been developed just for such a virus!

I think its safe to say that we are now living in what is fast becoming a gothic horror medical thriller novel. (I’ve read a couple)

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