Mad Cow Disease, Alzheimer’s and the Spike Protein


At first glance you may be thinking the title’s components can’t possibly be related to each other. I am going to share commentary on an article shared today by Dr. Joseph Mercola. The PDF for his article is included in his credit line below this list of quotes:

“Prion diseases are a group of conditions that affect the nervous system and impair brain function. The diseases are progressive, fatal and untreatable. The symptoms happen when normal cell surface membrane proteins, called cellular prion proteins, misfold.”

“In this video interview with Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., we discussed the COVID-19
vaccines. Since 2008, her primary focus has been on glyphosate and sulfur, but in the last year she has taken a deep dive into the science of the COVID-19 mRNA injection program and has published an excellent paper on the topic.

“Interestingly, Seneff found that countries where the vaccine has not raised the expected mortality rates are also not using glyphosate.”

“…it’s important to eliminate all processed vegetable oils (seed oils), which means eliminating virtually all processed foods as they are loaded with them. Seed oils radically impair mitochondrial energy production, increase oxidative stress and damage your immune system.”

From article by Dr. Mercola Aug 12, 2021

The quotes above from the pdf linked to under the credit line, have an interesting train of thought happening. We go from Prions to Glyphosate to mRNA to the Spike Protein, in the space of 7 pages plus reference links.

In the paper I linked to in one of the quotes, Stephanie and her research partner discuss the presence of prions inside the spike protein. As we know, the spike protein is something we want to guard against within our bodies to keep our immune systems behaving as they should. This paper allows us to understand more of why the spike protein is such a problem.

Glyphosate has already been linked to intestinal trouble in various people, my brother included. Books and court cases have shown repeatedly, the dangers of using this pesticide on crops and the sometimes fatal trouble for humans as well as the insect population. The last page of the pdf in the credit line mentions a key in dealing not merely with Glyphosate, but the spike protein, the prion problem, and others.

Mercola writes:

“Although her paper didn’t delve into solutions, it provides a major clue. This is that your body has the capacity to address many of the problems through a process called autophagy. This is the process the body uses to remove damaged proteins.”

He goes on to mention three ways to encourage your body to to engage in autophagy:

1) Periodic or time-restricted fasting. Sometimes this is known as intermittent fasting. As a hypoglycemic, intermittent fasting is not something I can schedule, but happens when my body calls for it. The day I wrote this blog for example, the last time I ate before breakfast was 10:15pm the night before, and breakfast wasn’t till 10:30am and only a mere cracker/cheese/water snack at that. Lunch wasn’t till 2pm. It is what I refer to as a “low nutrition” day that I seem to need from time to time. If they come too frequently and are accompanied by a depressive or stressed state of mind, I need to force myself to eat.

2) Sauna therapy which encourages heat shock proteins to step up and refold any proteins that are misfolded and tag others for removal. There are two types of Saunas, those with steam, and those that are dry. As an allergic asthmatic, too much moisture in the air is a problem for me, so sitting in a wet sauna is a recipe for coughing. For those like myself, dry saunas are recommended.

Coconut Oil3) Removal of foods and oils from your home that were grown being sprayed with Glyphosate. Depending on where you live, this can be a challenge. You also need to read labels as not all processed foods use seed oils, though most do. More and more companies are switching over to olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil. So if you aren’t yet in the habit of reading ingredient lists on packaged foods, now is the time to start in earnest! It used to be considered novel and trendy by those in the somewhat hippy-ish side of life, to learn where your food came from and how it was grown. Now your health depends on it! You aren’t just interested in where it comes from, but how it’s grown is of paramount importance.

pumpkin patchThis is one beneficial side effect to shopping local for your food as often as you are able. Not only does it get rid of supply chain and distribution problems, but it lets you chat with the farmer about their practices. Some companies are cluing into this situation by publishing in their flyers, brochures and handouts, how they raise and process their food. This is good news! If you are raising a young family, or considering having a family, get into these habits now so that you give your next generation the best head start to life that you can, and the best chance at a longer life than many will live around them in the near future.

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