Science: A Tool! To Learn or To Control??!!

Behavioural Science Tools!!! Are we feeling played yet???

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An annotated version highlights this statement on page 31 of this 92 page document:

“Governance, communication and behavioral science tools have also been important in shaping social adherence to public health measures, and minimizing distrust of science and medical professionals “

Behavioural science tools to shape social adherence. . . Such as those used to create mass psychosis??? Dr. Mercola released a commentary on the video “A Killing of the mind” about this very thing! The only scientists we distrust are those bought out by corporations or governments to say what they’ve been told to say even when what they’ve been told goes against everything tested using…wait for it. . . The Scientific Method!

What is this strange concept, you ask? It begins with a hypothesis. That hypothesis is tested, notes are made. Do the test results match the hypothesis? Yes? Is it reproducible? Yes? How many times before it changes? It doesn’t? Very few exceptions? We have a solid working understanding then.

The test results didn’t match the hypothesis? Was the test method faulty? No? Then the hypothesis needs to be changed and the testing restarted. Yes the testing method was faulty? Change the method, take notes, do the results from the revised method prove the hypothesis? Yes? Repeatedly? Very few exceptions? We have solid working understandings then. No? Back to the drawing board we go.

If no matter which way we approach the hypothesis or test for it, we can’t get answers that line up with it, then it must be scrapped and a new hypothesis formed.

brainThis method has proven many things that include best practices for general prevention and treatment of respiratory illnesses, and those who put THAT knowledge to use, survived bad cases, or hardly felt minor cases, or even staved it off and never felt it at all. The so-called “settled science” bought off by the government, has been killing people worldwide. Which science does this paper want behavioural science tools influencing society’s sudden distrust of? “Settled Science” or a better term for it, Junk Science!!! Which medical professionals do they need the public trusting and feel behavioural science tools must be employed to ensure? Those bought off or threatened by the government to say only what they are told to say!

I’m was only 1/3rd of the way through the highlighted version of this document that a fellow watchman combed through to note various themes related to the pandemic, global government, supply chains, etc when I first wrote this rant 12 days ago. But those three words, “behavioural science tools” tell me SO MUCH about what has happened over the past 18 months!!!

Now. . . Check out these quotes from two recent Mercola articles (they are linked here but will be taken down over the next two days, so if you read this and these links are not clickable, then you missed these articles:

“” Actual, reproducible science by bonafide scientists is being dismissed as “ideology masquerading as science,” while fake or flimsy science is being held up as the only science worthy of that designation.”

View full article here

Reproducible science! That’s what the Scientific Method strives for and that has been so resoundingly shut down for almost 2 years now!

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out an unprecedented attack on science, which
has accelerated flaws already apparent in the scientific method and published literature.

Healthy skepticism is a necessary part of science, but one that is often confused with denial.

While denial describes a belief that persists even when evidence to the contrary is overwhelming, skepticism, as reported by NASA, “allows scientists to reach logical conclusions supported by evidence that has been examined and confirmed by others in the same field, even when that evidence does not confirm absolute certainty.” They continue:

“Skepticism helps scientists to remain objective when performing scientific inquiry and research. It forces them to examine claims (their own and those of others) to be certain that there is sufficient evidence to back them up.

Skeptics do not doubt every claim, only those backed by insufficient evidence or by data that have been improperly collected, are not relevant or cannot support the rationale being made.”

During the pandemic, skepticism has been regarded as the enemy and skeptics labeled as conspiracy theorists. Respected leaders in fields have been threatened with discipline and even loss of their licenses for questioning the official narrative.”

“This is a dirty war, one without dignity. Opponents were threatened, abused, and bullied by cancel culture campaigns in social media, hit stories in mainstream media, and bestsellers written by zealots. Statements were distorted, turned into straw men, and ridiculed. Wikipedia pages were vandalized.

Reputations were systematically devastated and destroyed. Many brilliant scientists were abused and received threats during the pandemic, intended to make them and their families miserable.””

View full article here

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