Hospital Mayhem, Zombies, and Prophetic Dreams!

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Today’s blog post may seem disjointed, but read through to the end, then reread if you need to. My son has a friend who observed changes in his own personality after getting his shot. There is an article further down discussing psychological reports in the UK. Sandwiching this article are two moments in our home that need to be shared, followed by a call to action, the background of which my family is not yet at leave to share.

Back on September 18, 2015, the following set of paragraphs opened my blog post that evening:

In a dream my daughter shared with me for a second time tonight, she and Isaiah had gone to a youth conference in another town, they went into an auditorium packed full of people. Much was being said and it was unsettling, but she had not paid attention to what exactly was being shared. They went back to the hotel room and part way through the night, a dog was observed rotting but acting like a regular dog otherwise. Things started to cascade, birds, cats, all living regular lives but zombified and the sight of them freaked out those that saw them. The next night people began turning into mindless husks, trying to make you one of them, hotel guests were freaking out. Those that remained of the youth that had travelled with Ashley and Isaiah met at the bus and then found themselves running all over town. At one point they went into someone’s house, more towns folk were beating up against glass, one broke in, the kids had to break out and dash, going up a road past a hill behind the conference complex. They climbed this hill and found themselves overlooking what appeared to be a peaceful town in the morning light.

Tonight, Ashley came out of her room after saying goodnight prayers, saying that the time for these events to occur in the real world, with the dream being a metaphor, was tonight and that stuff was to begin coming to pass beginning this evening, sept 17th, 2015. She came out to remind me of this dream, which she’d actually had much earlier in the year, holding her head. After reminding me of the dream’s contents and telling me that the sense she was getting was that it would all unfold tonight, she felt an ease in her spirit and went back to bed.

Before she left for bed, I asked her what she felt was going to be the manifestation of this, but all she could come up with were the following:

~ The spreading of info to a mass of people such as via media, social networks, etc.
~ The world dying around us but still moving on as if it were alive
~ Humans being drained of their personalities and wanting to make you part of the hoard.


brainToday, December 15th, 2021, I read an article about reports of psychotic behaviour setting in for many who take “the shot”.

The discussion of zombies in this article reminded me of the above dream, and a note I wrote on FB back in 2011 and updated a bit November 5, 2020 about zombies that I want to re-share here (I left FB Feb 2021, so had to use my downloaded files to dig this back up):

One Christian’s Thoughts on the Zombie Craze. . . Might not be what you think. . .

By Marilynn Dawson
April 21, 2011

So I am laying in bed trying to rest, when various thoughts go through my head ranging from work to pastors to news. . . when one particular local news story latches onto my brain and won’t let go!

Earlier in the week, a local group of people who happen to be part of the current zombie craze, got together wearing a wide variety of costumes representing the undead, and paraded through City Park. Apparently the attendees all had a blast, and even some of the passersby took pictures, with only one driver ticked off that he had to wait for this group to cross an intersection he was trying to pass through himself. Supposedly everyone had a great time and the organizer wants to do it again next year.

Zombies have been featured in TV shows, movies, games, etc. Some of them will eat the flesh off your bones while you are still alive. Others will simply drain your life’s blood in a vain effort to boost their own rapidly depleting store. Still others are too dazed to be of any danger to anyone, save scaring those that happen across their path.

I was reading the local news article when a thought hit me, and several days later, when I should be sleeping, its hit me again and this time I have to say something about it or I’m sure I won’t get to sleep! The news over the past year+ has been full of either natural or man-made disasters. . . the Gulf Oil spill, the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, the New Zealand quake, the Pakistan flooding, the Japanese triple disaster-earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown, and others. Humanitarian aid groups, governments, NGO’s, hospital teams, paramedics, and the military have found themselves facing crises of far bigger proportions than they are used to dealing with.

My Bible tells me this is just the beginning, that in coming years, particularly after Christ returns in the clouds for His Church, that disasters of this magnitude will be dwarfed by what is to come! It’s a very small stretch of the imagination to imagine the world with so many cataclysmic events that the aid groups can’t get to everyone, governments are out of funds to send anyone, military can hardly keep the peace let alone hunt for the buried, and NGO’s are stretched so thin they are throwing their hands up in despair. Hospitals and paramedics attempt crude triage in an effort to look like they are making even a sliver of progress.

In such a scenario, who do you think will be roaming the streets? It is said that a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can sometimes be found engaging in mindless activity with no apparent recognition of what is going on around them in the world. A story out of Rwanda 14 years after the genocide there, showed a lady with a small hand broom in her hand, perpetually sweeping the side of the road as she walked, oblivious to anyone around her, totally withdrawn from the world due to the trauma of what she saw and went through during the genocide. Imagine this happening to someone who is in dire need of medical help. People with missing limbs, dangling body parts, open gashes, bloody cuts and scrapes, wandering the streets either looking for help, or oblivious to the world because of the trauma they have just experienced.

These are the zombies of the future! These are very much alive, but unable to find help. If left too long, gangrene might set in, disease may take over, and some may go mad, frothing at the mouth and acting like they belong in a padded room. At that point even those who could offer help, will be too scared to and run the other direction. Will any try to act like flesh-eating monsters? I doubt that to be honest. The only way I can see that happening is if a person also becomes possessed by a demon, and that is possible.

In light of the very real potential of the above scenario coming to pass, particularly when one studies the events of the book of Revelation, Ezekiel, Daniel, Joel, and various passages in the Psalms from a prophetic perspective, it makes perfect sense that the enemy of our souls would try to desensitize the world to the sight of such awful humanity. The best way to get a populace to accept something, is to put it into entertainment first. Once a given thought or perspective has been presented often enough in enough forms of media and entertainment, its only a matter of time before people begin to accept such a thought as potentially coming to pass. It’s a small step from that hypothetical discussion to the real deal. Therefore, getting people, including many Christians I know, desensitized to the plight of those who are too far gone to receive medical attention, is a goal that appears to be succeeding. We now have people dressing up as their favourite undead and parading in broad daylight through the most well-known and most frequently visited park in the city! And this isn’t to count other possible gatherings in other cities where such enthusiasts may live.

Will Christians be around when God’s wrath is poured out on the earth? Scripture says that while the Church will be raptured ahead of God’s judgments, that people will still come to Christ thanks to a group of evangelists God will raise up after the removal of His Church. So yes, there will be Christians who will have the potential to see real-life zombies wandering their streets. In some ways I write this, not for those of us alive at the time I write this, but for anyone who may stumble on this in the future after I am gone.

But I do ask, what should be the Christian’s response to this zombie craze? Does anything about this craze glorify God, or fit into Philippians 4? Does anything about this craze allow us to further the cause of the Great Commission? The answer to the first question is a resounding NO! But the answer to the second question is a resounding YES!!! Christ has said repeatedly that the time is short, that He is coming soon, that what we see happening around us is the beginning and that we are not to sit idly by while we watch the earth proceed with the birth pangs leading up to His return. What this means, is that we are to be watchful, to be observant, and to use the signs of the times as impetus to more urgently seek to spread the good news of the Gospel. The goal for those of us alive as I write this, is to do what we can to spare those we know from the wrath to come!

For those who come to Christ AFTER the rapture, and who stumble across these words, I have this to say. . . You have been presented with an amazing and incredible task that may very well cost you your life in the process of carrying out! You are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, and to reach out and touch the untouchables, reach out and extend relief to those God places in your path, using whatever means available to you to lessen the suffering those who cannot get help. Are they bloody? Are they missing bits of themselves? Are they glassy-eyed, dazed, and wandering aimless? You may very well be the last bit of tenderness they may experience before death finally comes for them.

Revelation mentions a torture by way of what seems to be a lab-generated insect, that causes such pain and torment that the victim cries for death but death won’t come. This passage says they will try to kill themselves but they will suffer this torment for a period of 5 months and be literally unable to die! You can bet there will be zombies wandering around during that 5 months for sure! People who look like they should have died, but who for some inexplicable reason that only Revelation attests to, they remain alive! Revelation says such torment will come upon those who accepted the Mark of the Beast in order to take part in the economic system.

The fictitious zombies of our current entertainment show all the signs of demon possession, PTSD, catastrophic survival, and the inability to die from it all. As grotesque as some of them appear in our entertainment, it is thoroughly logical to expect that their living counterparts will one day roam in the future, and it will be up to us as followers of Christ, to offer the cup of cold water that everyone else won’t even give with a 10 foot pole! There. . . I think I have that out of my system and can now go to sleep. . .
Updated Nov 5, 2020, 9:59 PM


What I find amazing about the 2011 piece and the 2015 dream my daughter had, is just how to-the-point they’ve turned out to be. The only thing I look back on now and realize may have two parts to it (as Scriptural prophecy often does, 2, 3, more times around the mountain with the final time being the final fulfillment) is the paragraph where I said:

“It’s a very small stretch of the imagination to imagine the world with so many cataclysmic events that the aid groups can’t get to everyone, governments are out of funds to send anyone, military can hardly keep the peace let alone hunt for the buried, and NGO’s are stretched so thin they are throwing their hands up in despair. Hospitals and paramedics attempt crude triage in an effort to look like they are making even a sliver of progress.”

Small stretch indeed, and we haven’t even hit the Great Tribulation yet and look what’s on the nightly news!

The article linked above discussing reports in the UK’s database and the story of the young lady in the San Diego CA hospital, point to this very problem showing up now with just trial runs of the coming Mark of the Beast and it isn’t even the real thing yet. Notice that word “YET”. . . I and others are pretty sure the string pullers feel they have found what they will use. MIT has developed a dye that can be used in vaccines to mark the skin, identifying the person and the vaccine they took. Nanochips exist now that could be administered via injection. Serious efforts to identify the best virus that could act as a vaccine vector were under way in 2014, and you don’t have to search very far now to find out just how long ago Fauci was enabling gain-of-function research both in the US and in China.

God speaks to my daughter in dreams, and there are times when He speaks prophetically through my own fingers. Some things we have been freed to share, such as the above bits from 2011 and 2015. Other things we are told not to share, that it is for our own info only and while it would have no bearing on how others do or don’t respond to what is going on around us, sharing it could put us in grave danger unnecessarily.

What I CAN say about our take-aways from some of those dreams regarding current events, is that while the “vaccine” remains “experimental” and does not become the final tool for the Mark of the Beast, people are rescuable if they want and will accept being rescued!

Many of the same preventive foods and supplemental compounds that protect against COVID-19 and that protect against the spike protein, also help to break up graphene oxide, protect RNA of the body’s cells, and some are claiming perhaps even to repair damaged RNA. That last claim I am not sure of yet for myself, but it’s out there. The mere fact that the body will mark for removal, mutated cells is no doubt one of the reasons why boosters are being mandated. God created nature to tag mutated cells and block their transmission from one generation to the next. This is why Monsanto refuses to let farmers harvest their own seeds after planting Monsanto seeds. The plant DNA marks mutated cells for removal and won’t replicate them very readily, resulting in subsequent plants having less and less resistance to harmful pesticides. The human body is created to do the same thing. So while many aspects of the “vaxx” damage are permanent to the person experiencing them, to some extent it is possible to mitigate that damage.

But the biggest method of rescue at this time isn’t in educating people to use the right foods, herbs and supplements alone, it is in steering them away from the voices seeking to overwhelm them with fear, paranoia, and tyrannical control. The voice of reason needs to be louder in their ears than the voice of fear-mongering! Share the ways to stay healthy and why you want to stay healthy. Share the ways to get better that don’t mean running to mainstream medical. Encourage people to turn off the news and turn on the worship music and open God’s Word. When their fear factor has receded back down to reasonable levels, you can educate them on why mainstream media and mainstream medical are so dangerous and what Scripture has to say about them and their message.

Those who want to be rescued, at this point in time, still have a chance of rescue. Those who don’t see the need for rescue will be lost, not only lost, but may try to hunt down those who offered to rescue them, or who rescued someone near and dear to them.

Unfortunately, it very well may be this last group also, who become participants in “the zombie apocalypse”.

Don’t waste your breath on those who won’t listen. Turn your attention to those who are on the fence and to those crying out for help. It may be that some of them can be saved.

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