When History Forcibly Repeats Itself While the Supporters and Promoters Sit in Denial!

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“”God will not hold us guiltless. God will judge us for our silence because our silence is wrong. God calls us to the battle. And if the church will understand this and will speak, we will avoid the horror that befell Germany. But if we continue in this, exactly what happened there will happen here. Time is very, very short.””


I don’t know that we will be able to avoid the horror of what befell Germany necessarily, but at least the blood of those who fall will no longer be on our hands for having warned them what’s to come. The horrors of Germany are already upon us, wearing a different mask and using different methods to commit global genocide! The inflationary economy is now threatening, as is the potential for yet another world war. But government, media, and medical have colluded in ways that only someone like Goebbels would applaud, with many Churches falling into line startlingly willingly, as if it is somehow honourable to follow dictates that clearly go against God’s mandates and principles given in Scripture.

This piece reminded me of what I wrote back in May of 2021: “Is your Church Killing You With Kindness???” At that time, various people in my church and other churches, were taking a fair bit of offense at the idea that they were behaving the same way the German churches had behaved in the ’30’s before WW2. But the similarities couldn’t be ignored in 2021, and can’t be ignored now!

shofarIf we see what is coming down the pipe and do not say something, God says in Ezekiel, that the blood of those who die will be on our hands. The Church can’t stand by and say nothing, do nothing, while their attendees march off to die, ostensibly of their own free will, coerced into obedience to keep the freedoms they thought they gave up to “flatten the curve”!

People who tried to warn the public about this behaviour at the cenotaphs around Canada last Nov 11th 2022, were resoundingly shouted down by media and government in every city they tried to raise their voice. The lip-service that went on last year was enough to nearly make me hurl, and sadly, I don’t anticipate this year being any better. People will say with their mouths while shedding worthless crocodile tears, that they honour those who died fighting for the freedoms they have either willingly or forcibly flung away over the past 3 years. The people who pointed fingers and accusing word daggers at The Freedom Convoy, will give speeches around these cenotaphs, flags, and other means of remembrance. But their words are meaningless! Their actions and rhetoric before November 11th and on into 2023 has and will continue to decry their words at the cenotaph as hurtful, useless, empty lies.

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Some said over the past 1.5yrs, that Nazi Germany didn’t die, it just moved into corporate, educational, and government support roles of other nations around the Western hemisphere. Klaus Schwabb’s own connections in his family line are enough to give the discerning person pause.

But it will soon be time to pretend nothing is happening, nothing is being replayed and relived, and certainly none of it is happening on a global scale this time, as opposed to one region of the world. In two week’s time, it will be expected that the blinders will go on, if only for one hour on November 11th, Remembrance Day here in Canada, and when the moment of duty to the dead is done, the place of remembering duly vacated, the blinders are ripped off to be replaced by whatever flavour of the next round of freedom-stealing is scheduled to happen next!

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