Advent 2022: The Candle of Hope


Lighting the CandleToday is the Candle of Hope!

Hope has been dashed on so many fronts over the past few years.

~Hope in science to save humanity is now dashed as we watch science co-opted to kill humanity instead.

~Hope in experts to teach us the best way to do things has been dashed 6 ways to Sunday and then some, as we discovered that so-called “experts” were literally leading us down the garden path, and while many have died from this misleading, many many more are yet to die in the years ahead.

~Hope in tolerance leading to a better, united humanity has been dashed, as we’ve seen those crying for tolerance brainwashing our children into deviant, dangerous and damaging lifestyles resulting in untold numbers now facing mental health issues, physical health issues, and some have even committed suicide over it.

~Hope in democratic voting systems to bring in a better, more productive or more sane group of leaders in various nations around the world has been dashed as string pullers have learned how to rig the system to their favour more times than not.

These are just four of the places modern humankind has tried to put their hopes in times past and that have proven drastically incapable of delivering on those hopes.

a baby's face, women's rightsHumanity’s only hope, literally, is in Jesus Christ Himself, the Creator of all things who took it upon Himself to take on the form of man by coming to earth as a baby over 2,000 years ago, to not only show us the way to live, but also to die for our sins and rise again to give us eternal life. In the Old Testament days, the Prophets looked forward to His coming, prophesying of both his birth and death, but also of His coming as King. When the 400 years of silence came, the Jewish people began to focus less on the lowly nature of Christ’s prophesied birth, and more on His coming as King, so that when Christ did show up on the scene, they were heavily disappointed that He was not going to restore Israel to them and get them out from under Rome’s rule.

However, Christ IS returning as He told the disciples He would! He will return first in the clouds for the Church, and then we will return with Him when He sets foot again on the Mount of Olives, at which point He will be returning as King of the Universe! Various passages found in both the Old and New Testament speak to these events. Christ got after various religious rulers who thought that just being law-abiding would have them avoid “The Wrath to Come” as Christ put it. To this day, there are those who believe the Church will live through God’s Wrath, which goes against what Christ Himself says. (If you’re one of those people, let me tell you now, I will not debate you on this! Your argument is with God, not with me!)

Songdove Books - Cross in the cloudsThe only way mankind can find hope that does not disappoint, is in Jesus Christ. This world is getting darker by the day, and will continue to do so until Christ returns, as foretold in the Scriptures. For those of us who have been watching the times and seasons for more than a few decades, the times we are living in now are headshaking and sometimes hard to comprehend, that what we saw coming down the pipe is actually here in our lifetime! The Birth Pangs of the days leading up to The Days of Awe (an Old Testament Term) are most definitely upon us as outlined in Matthew 24.

For fellow believers reading this, keep copies of the Gospel of John in your pocket to give out to those who are losing hope. If you are not a believer and reading this, get yourself a copy of the Bible, or just the Gospel of John, and read that New Testament book through at least once. (You can also read it over at Give serious consideration to where your soul will go when your body dies, because you WERE created as an eternal being! Your choices now affect your life going forward into eternity. Only while you are in your body do you have the option of choosing Jesus’ gift of Salvation.

Our Hope is indeed in no other, but Jesus Christ Himself, God the Son, and we with those who have gone before us, Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus! The world may be spiralling out of control, but in Christ, we have assurance that eternity on the other side will be drastically better!

This Advent Season, be praying for those you know who are losing hope, and ask the Holy Spirit to make Christ real to them.


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