Commentary on Thoughts Related to the Growing Evil We Now See in the World

three greek godsToday the Canadian Health Alliance highlighted a substack written by Naomi Wolf, entitled, “Have the Ancient Gods Returned?”. 

She references a book by Jonathan Cahn called “Return of the Gods”. I have not read this book myself, but similar to Naomi, I have watched what has transpired around the world in recent years and marvelled that so much I am seeing reflects back to ancient times.

In her dissertation on why the Jewish satan is different from the Christian satan, she misses a number of places that outline who the arch-enemy of God is in the Old Testament, and how he came to be that arch-enemy in the first place, and that he drew a third of heaven’s angels with him in that action. The devil, as the New Testament sometimes calls him, or “that old serpent” who first deceived Eve and has since deceived anyone he can, is this arch-enemy and he has “strong men” who are like his 5-star generals according to an incident in the book of Daniel when a messenger angel was detained in battle 40 days by the strongman over the area.

Cross over the World - Songdove BooksScripture also tells us that as the leader of the nation goes, so goes the nation. In the Book of Revelation, we see God dealing with the nations in Old Testament ways. God did not come to save nations, He came to save hearts and in turn, through the saving of those hearts, redeem the nations. But just as when the nations before Christ would turn against Him and be punished, so it is and will happen to nations who reject Christ now. Living in what is known as “the post-Christian era”, is nothing to brag about.

As Naomi gathered together in her substack, celebrations of evil have been taking place at the Grammy’s, in honour of chief justices, at the Olympics on a number of occasions over the past decade, have been erected in front of major global institution’s buildings, etc. She forgot to mention the fashion catwalk a number of times in recent years, companies who seemed dedicated to displaying if not outright encouraging the dabbling in the dark arts by children, the setting up of so-called satan clubs in various schools, etc. She now says she can’t unsee what she’s been seeing of late, and I can’t blame her.

As a spiritual warrior from childhood, and watchman on the wall since my youth, the experiences and people God has allowed me to meet and interact with over the years have given me insight that many of my Christian offline contacts over the years have NOT appreciated! But when your eyes are opened to both the activity of the spirit realm and the physical, and you see how they knowingly or unknowingly interact with each other, you can’t unsee it and there is a level of responsibility to try to open eyes whenever an opportunity presents itself.

I do not have Naomi’s level of higher education, nor am I Jewish, I am gentile and a born-again Christian at that. But I pray that she will come to know her Messiah as Saviour the way Jonathan Cahn did, that she will run to the Cross as Amir Tsarfati did, and that she will prepare herself for an eternity with her Creator rather than with her arch enemy who has apparently decided that our period of history is worth reinserting himself in a more boots-on-the-ground way than in the years since Christ defeated him on the Cross at Calvary.

Scriptural accounts of history, and secular accounts of history have indeed shown that when God walks out of government halls, the enemy walks in and terrible things follow.

2020’s sudden spin out of common sense into the realm of the surreal happened so fast that my head spun for awhile. I sat silent as I watched and took note, paying attention to what was and wasn’t being said, to how official reports contradicted each other in ways the authors and pundits never could seem to grasp or even acknowledge. Finally I began to speak up in the latter half of 2020, not every day, but whenever something showed up I could not let pass my desk without comment.

Do I feel the ancient gods have supposedly returned? I personally don’t feel they ever left. They were merely held in check and not allowed to be as blatant as they have begun to show themselves in recent years. The overt return of the various Olympic opening ceremonies were showing spiritually negative overtones since at least 2008 that I was personally aware of. The clips that began to go around from the 2012 Olympics apparently predicting the covid outbreak and the threat to our children, were indeed eery to say the least. Way back when the greeks and romans celebrated the Olympics, they paid homage to “the gods” at the start of the games, and in 2008, I couldn’t help thinking this was happening again. To see Naomi reference the 2020 games opening ceremony and show a picture of it, just proves my point.

Wonder Woman DollNo, the “gods” have not “returned”, they are merely stepping out of the shadows into the light and they are being accepted, even revered! It wasn’t lost on me that the movie about Wonderwoman gave her the name “Dianna” and a history of being a goddess from Olympus, raised among Amazons. If you look in the book of Acts, the uproar in Ephesus was over Paul converting so many to Christ in the city that it was affecting sales of temple trinkets to the “goddess Dianna”! Hmmmm.

I learned years ago, that demons do not necessarily lose or shed the names they had from centuries past. A demon that claimed to be a “teacher”, who had plagued a family line leading to a young lady I met, was eventually found out to carry the name of an Egyptian “god”. Cahn and Wolf only look at 3 to 4 idols in ancient history, but a broader look at the ancient world from Asia to Africa to the Middle East to northern Europe, reveals a very similar pantheon of “gods” who all had similar personalities, behaviours and demands of the people who worshipped them, just with different names, apparent genders, and appearances. The demons behind these idols and described in their stories, mythos, legends, and artwork, did not disappear into the anals of history, they simply disappeared from overt daily life because the tenets of the Christian faith pushed them back. As long as God through Christ was welcomed into government halls and respected in courts and schools, these entities could not be out in the open as they are now. However, there is far more than three of them!

Spiritual Warfare 101Christ Himself cast out demons from adults and children, and taught His disciples to do the same. Paul and Silas cast out demons and got in trouble for doing so from authorities of their day. There are entire Christian denominations who believe that in spite of Paul teaching how to do this, even giving us an outline in Ephesians 6 of how to prepare ourselves for spiritual battle, they instead teach that this was only for Christ’s day and not for today. None of the Scriptures they try to use actually prove their point, but they try anyway. There is no better way for the enemy of our souls to ensure he can move uninterrupted, than to convince God’s own people that dealing with him was for a time in the past, not now.

Thanks to the push to get God out of schools, out of the courts and out of government halls, we are now seeing the enemy walk more openly in areas of influence, whether that is in law, entertainment, commerce, etc. The darkness that descended like a curtain in early 2020, is growing! It is using government, para-government, technology, entertainment, education, medical, and retail to promote it’s diabolical agenda! Those who put up spiritual and social blinders will be the ones to pay with their lives! I say this both in and out of the Church, I regret to observe!

In order for some of the events of the book of Revelation and major portions of Daniel to play out, the modern world has to accept the waking, walking, speaking presence of the spirit realm, more specifically, the presence of the demonic spirit realm. By the time the events of Revelation have played out to the moment Christ visually returns in the clouds to set food on the Mount of Olives, the modern world, or what’s left of it, will be so used to surrealness of life, that Christ’s visual, physical return will hardly bat an eye. We are returning indeed, to a modern version of the days when evil literally walked the earth.

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