The Coming Great Deception! Don’t Let Yourself be Caught in the Web!

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Originally Written Sept 7/14 by Marilynn Dawson
Edited to share now.

A friend asked me to review a 49min video about the nature of “Mystery Babylon”.  In more recent years I will not return to Youtube, but that was where this video was shared at the time. If you find it elsewhere, let me know and I’ll update the link.

Using Scriptures that are often interpreted to mean other nations or scenarios in end-time theology, it is highly possible this video may be on to something quite profound as it relates to not only “Mystery Babylon”, but also the national/religious nature of Anti-Christ embodied (because as we know, the spirit of anti-Christ already exists in the world). The voice-over for this video sounded very mechanical, as if read by an e-reader’s vocal reading of a book. Pauses were in unnatural places and tones of voice for certain repeated questions remained unchanged from one question to the next. My son feels the author may have allowed the use of an e-reader’s voice so that if the subject of the video tried to track them down, they’d end up in a huge list of potential voice actors as opposed to the author themselves.

If you have not yet read my piece on ISIS, you’ll want to read that, as this continues the train of thought.

The video made a convincing case for “Mystery Babylon” to be located between Teman and Dedan mentioned in Isaiah, and near the sea. The location suggested is that of Mecca, the holiest city/site of the religion of Islam. This video went further back in history than my piece on ISIS,
suggesting a list of “husband/wife” god/goddess pairings that took their cues from the “original” pairing of that of Nimrod and his own wife who was actually his mother according to some historical references to the king. The video put forth that this pairing is found in a number of
Middle Eastern mythos and religions, and that even the moon god found in the Valley of Sin at the time the Hebrews passed through, had a wife as well, also a moon god.

Songdove Books - Setting Sun
Songdove Books – Setting Sun

One of the points of interest brought out by this video was the nature of sun and moon worship down through the centuries, and how every major god/goddess was symbolized by one or other other, or both together. Whenever the moon would be symbolized, it would be in the form of a crescent, which occasionally was used as a substitute for the horns of a calf or bull as in the golden calf the Hebrews formed in the desert. ISIS herself, when depicted, often wears such a headdress herself with a snake rearing in front As stated in my previous article, ISIS had various forms, one of which was/is a snake. As my daughter has pointed out, we have seen the snake first in the Garden of Eden, then in Babylonian and Egyptian mythos, and again in Southern American mythos. The crescent moon and the snake have characterized satan’s primary choice of symbolism for himself down through time even to present day Islam.

As more and more research into the history and current realities of Islam is engaged in by various sources, it is becoming more and more likely that the man of perdition will come from that religion. He will not regard women, and will make active use of modern-day technology. The current seal for Islam shows the numbers 666 in both Hebrew and Greek stylized script. Hmmm. . . A few thoughts came out of watching this video.

Matthew 24:23-26 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. 25 Behold, I have told you before. 26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

The time of the Great Deception is approaching! The props are dropping into place like flies to honey if one knows where to look. The compartmentalized way western society has been taught to look at life is actually proving to be the necessary blindfold required to facilitate the Great Deception. In order to see this taking place, one must be a student of history, ancient civilization, archaeology, mythology, literature, the arts, and have an eye to the economic, political, and religious climates reaching back at least as far as WW2.

Scripture said that when the Great Deception occurs, even the Very Elect could be deceived “if it were possible”. The only way this will become possible is for Christians and Jews to be unaware of the web satan is weaving around them and falling for the trap, not realizing the danger until it’s too late.

One of the guy-wires in this web of deceit, is indeed the mythos of the various ancient peoples around the world. When you begin to examine the various deities, their symbols that depict them, and how they typically behave, you get a pretty interesting picture of the spirit realm disguised as a children’s story. The religious rituals that accompanied these stories however, got quite gruesome at times in ancient history, but also in the not so distant history of places such as South America where the over-arching nature of the snake god was such that human sacrifice was believed to give him power, “because each person’s heart holds a little bit of the sun and when you give back that bit, you make the sun stronger”. The plains natives of North America had some disturbing sun-worshipping practises of their own that I observed going through an Alberta museum one time years ago. I can still see some of those rituals in my head, and remember a pole I walked around that was part of such rituals to the sun. Deities that were represented in these mythos and false religions took on the forms of serpents, dogs, snakes, bulls, goats, or the sun or moon.

Another guy-wire in this web of deceit is what is known as Kabbalah, or Jewish mysticism. This teaching has been around long enough that God speaks out against it in the Torah. However, in spite of that, there are various high-ranking rabbis over the years who have actively taught Kabbalah. I have a 10-page article that I wrote years ago, that can be offered if anyone wishes to read up on what Kabbalah is and how it’s woven its way into the early days of Masonry, gnosticism, agnosticism, New Age, and paganism. In fact, one of the thinner guy-wires in this web of deceit is the Masonic Lodge. What is true in the bottom rungs of this club is no-longer true at the top, and by the time you get to the top, the teachings and rituals are more reminiscent of Islam than any active member will admit. I have read personal stories of ex-high-level masons who not only wrote about this kind of thing, but somehow managed to snap pictures on occasion as well. The hat and outfit worn by the Shriners should be a dead give-away, but amazingly enough, it is not.

The crescent moon’s thread throughout history is a very thick guy-wire in this web, but somehow it is regularly missed as a key defining factor in this web of deceit Perhaps the fact it is only seen as a symbol is what lowers its importance in the minds of many.

Also along the religious front is the guy-wire concept of “Mother”. In the deities leading up to the current god of Islam, “Mother” was the term given to such goddesses as Isis, Dianna, and others. It’s an interesting point made in the video that the same cry the Ephesians threw up over their beloved goddess Dianna, is the same cry we hear today about the god of Islam. Two moves currently afoot in the world of Christendom should therefore ring warning bells and red lights all over the place! The first smaller guy-wire in this web of deceit is the concept of Chrislam whereby people are teaching ostensibly under the guise of Christology, that the god of Islam and the God of the Bible are one and the same. They are not! The second smaller guy-wire in this portion of the web lies with the Catholic church.

Actually, perhaps that should be worded to say, the next MAJOR guy-wire in this web relates to the Catholic church organization! The beginnings of the Catholic church under the rule of Constantine are pause for concern all by themselves. The style and understanding of false gods at the time had the duality mentioned earlier, a husband/wife-king/queen-mother/father system. Under the new church entity, we suddenly have God the Father and Mary Queen of Heaven. Fast-forward 1.5 millennia later, and we have the latest pope trying to regather the protestant church back under the banner of the “Mother” church!

The ground-work has been laid and is now being acted on more boldly by those knowingly or unknowingly under satan’s influence. Today’s symbol of the moon is seen on either a red or green background with a star in the centre. It may or may not be seen in tandem with a sickle or
pair of swords. From the red fezz of the Shriners who also carry a ceremonial sickle dagger, to the flags of Turkey and Russia, to the headbands of ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, we see the moon god more active than ever on the world stage. The snake is seen wrapped around the base of the world tree and present in some iterations of the chakras taught by the Kabbalistic teachings that have shaped modern-day pagan, New Age, and (a)gnostic teachings. The bull and dog are both active again. I sensed in my spirit that the minotaur of Greeko/Roman mythology is walking the labyrinth again!

Alongside the rise of ancient symbolism via Islam is the rise of the concept of “Mother”. The pagans call her “Mother Earth” and have built a religion out of the concepts of conservation, stewardship and recycling. While Scripture advocates stewardship of the earth, it does not
advocate worshipping the ground we walk on, but many ancient yet modern groups have done and still do worship the earth. Now learning of the new Catholic pope referring to the “Mother Church”, and one can begin to see how the web is forming.

For those of Jewish descent, Kabbalah isn’t the only guy-wire that will be used to trap them. The issue of blindness regarding who the Messiah is will also be a very thick guy-wire in this web of deceit Many will be caught in this portion of the web when the man of sin is revealed and stands in the third Temple proclaiming himself to be god. Those not caught in this web will see Christ return to the Mount of Olives and Scripture says they will mourn as they look on Him whom they pierced.

The stone that is worshipped at Mecca has been seen by the video creator as being a counterfeit stone to Jesus Himself being called the Chief Cornerstone. This is assessment is easily seen by the fact that the meteor enshrined at Mecca has been placed at the corner of the large cube. We often think of the anti in anti-Christ as meaning “against”, and while that is true, this video points out other equally valid and accurate definitions that become easily seen the more one looks at the nature of Islam. “Anti” can also mean substitute. So where we have Christ referred to in the Psalms as the Sun with healing in His wings, we have a moon god. Where we have Christ as the Chief Cornerstone, we have a meteorite that fell from the heavens. Where we have God’s favourite number 7, we have the unfinished number 6. Interestingly, the Greek name for this number is “stigma”. Most assuredly a stigma has been attached to the number 6, and even to the compilation 666. Even a physical comparison between the ancient Egyptian ankh and the Cross shows up on this list. The ankh was only to be worn by priests and royalty, was carried by Isis, and if found on a commoner, resulted in death. It was deemed to be a symbol of life, but it brought death to the common man. The Cross however, being a symbol of death by cruel torture, brings life to the common man through belief in the One who rose from the dead. A symbol of life that brings death, versus a symbol of death that brings life.

This video suggests through various verses of Scripture, that even as we believe the Roman Empire never died, neither did the Ottoman Empire and that when it rises again, it will be in the seat of the final headquarters for the former Roman Empire, that of Istanbul, Turkey. The
reasoning here is interesting as I’d never thought of Turkey in this manner, but it is plausible. Even more however, is the realization that the very name of this city has “bul” in it, reminiscent of the Babylonian false gods “bel” and “bellit”. “bul” also makes me think of “bull” which once again brings to mind the horns holding the sun, which can easily be blurred into looking like the crescent moon holding the sun. If I paraphrase the English letters of this city, I get “its a bull”.

Do I agree that Mecca and Istanbul both have roles to play in the endtime accounts of Revelation, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Daniel? After seeing the Scriptures given that I typically interpreted differently, I am willing to venture that perhaps I’d seen them in too Western a light before, and that it is highly possible these locations could be who the video purports them to be. These interpretations are not based on current events this time round, but on historical and archaeological accounts instead. Most western interpretations look only at what is happening now, and as a result, can come up with skewed views of current events. This is why I said at the beginning, that to see the web of deceit being woven, one must be a student of ancient times as well as of the current time. The reason for this is very simple. The enemy only has one way of doing things. When you look back through history, you discover that the enemy tried to hide his identity in human affairs by splitting up his attributes across various mythologies and false religions around the world.  Unfortunately, the similarities become a little too obvious to the Christian student of such things who has an ear open to the Holy Spirit. Consequently, not only can the enemy hide his identity any longer, but neither can he hide is agenda.

If Jews and Christians are to avoid being taken in by the Great Deception, they need to:

  1. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Messiah
  2. Refuse to buy into the concepts of Kabbalah and Chrislam
  3. Refuse to rejoin “Mother Church”
  4. Refuse to worship “Mother Earth”
  5. Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance, wisdom, and discernment to be able to test the spirits and discern truth from counterfeit
  6. Exalt Christ as the head cornerstone

whirlpoolOne of the scenes shown in the video brought to mind several disturbing thoughts. The scene was of the swirling mass of humanity engaged in the hajj. To my daughter, it reminded her of a whirlpool of the kind and size that would strike fear into the hearts of fishermen out on the ocean. They knew that to get their boat even to the ring’s edge of such a maelstrom was asking for trouble. Each pilgrim to Mecca walks around the cube 7 times before kissing the stone. I couldn’t help thinking of the whirlpool analogy, with pilgrims being sucked into the maelstrom eventually being dragged down to the bottom, potentially to their death. Every few years I hear of deaths by trampling occurring at the time of the hajj.

This brought to mind a blogger’s tale of attending a major music festival in the US a number of years ago, known as “The Burning Man Music Festival”. Each year this festival brings in a wide range of bands and music groups. According to pictures taken by this blogger, a huge likeness of a man is set up out on the desert, and at it’s base a kind of bonfire is lit and kept burning during the festival. While I’m sure various attendees might experience different things, the experience this man would relate has never left me due to it’s spiritually dire nature. He described a winding path leading down to the base of this “burning man”. He described a nearby band stage where certain music began to play. As he joined others winding their way down to the base of the “burning man”, the music gradually and persistently got louder to the point where half-way down, his own heart began to beat uncharacteristically in his chest. He began to get fearful but realized he couldn’t turn around because of the mass of people behind him. When he got to the bottom, he described what appeared to be a modern-day mass orgie going on with strangers doing each other in broad afternoon daylight.

The concept of the “burning man” however, got it’s start in a less festive atmosphere when the Druids roamed the isles of the UK. They would set up scaffolding in the form of a man and stuff it with anyone who failed their “trick or treat”. They would fill the holes with straw, leading others to believe they’d built a huge scarecrow, and then burn it. Human sacrifice on one hand, and supposedly dire consequences for having disgraced the gods on the other. Druids practised a form of witchcraft/satanism and there are still people out there today who practise it more secretly and supposedly more humanely. However witchcraft teaches many of the concepts first introduced by Kabbalah.

The web has been in the building process ever since satan was forced to live on earth. Even his audience before God to accuse the brethren will one day come to a swift end and he’ll be cast down to earth forever! It will be at that time that the snake’s attempted wily ways will ensnare as many as possible who have not seen the web tightening around their ankles prior to that time. Guy wires are the basis upon which the sticky wires are placed. There are many, many iterations and results of Kabbalah in a wide range of global cultures. There are just as many iterations and results of the husband/wife false god display within orthodox so-called Christian circles. The kabbalistic concept that all roads to enlightenment are the same is now translated into “all roads lead to heaven” and is now going further to claim that both God and the false god of Islam are one and the same. With major Christian preachers encouraging the concept of Chrislam and sitting down with the pope to discuss merging protestant denominations with the “Mother Church”, alarm bells are going off all over this writer’s heart, mind and spirit.

The enemy has taken the concept of Molech and taken it from a middle-ages style gruesome death machine and turned it into a music festival. The god of self will be the basis upon which the web becomes the noose that captures unsuspecting souls, dragging them down to their eternal death.

Will you be caught in the Great Deception? Will the enticing whirlpool of eternal death catch you dancing around it’s edges? Will you dance your way down to the feet of Molech, perhaps never to come up again? The choice is yours. Open your eyes to the evidence laying about your feet, and get out of the web while you still can!

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