Another Call for Universal Basic Income, Paid For by Taxing “Polluters”! Several Thoughts:

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So this was just published earlier today: Flat tax on big polluters could fund basic income, finds UBC study

Take a read through the excerpts pulled out below:

Revelation6_2But others have warned governments to avoid heading down the basic income path. In British Columbia, the provincial Green Party called for a study into basic income in 2018 as part of its confidence and supply agreement with the BC NDP.

In December 2020, a government-mandated panel released its findings in a 500-page report. Its conclusion: basic income is too costly and causes economic distortions, including disincentives to work.

“A basic income is a very costly approach to addressing any specific goal, such as poverty reduction,” reads the panel’s final report.

Could basic income drive inflation?

Curiosity over the prospect of a basic income surged during the COVID-19 pandemic after many governments around the world rushed to send financial supports to its citizens.

“Might the pandemic pave the way for a universal basic income?” questioned one Economist headline a year after the pandemic began.

“Pandemic proves it’s time for basic income for all, economists say” read a CBC News story two months later.”

Many of us who were watching what was going on during the pandemic, warned this could happen! Now they are coming right out and saying this is what they learned during that time, and to start capitalizing on the lesson! Remember, the UBI WILL be tied to your universal social ID or Digital ID AND CBDC! This report is talking about global answers, not merely individual nation states! If you want in on the cash, give up your privacy and right to autonomously use that cash! I strongly advise against opting into the UBI if you value your ability to spend freely on choices that YOU make, NOT the government!

“They caution the impact of basic income on inflation will depend on how people spend the money, current political and economic conditions, and how governments finance the program.

“One could argue that inflationary pressures could arise if the government decided to print money rather than pay for [basic income] costs through increased taxes or similar measures,” Sumaila and his co-authors write.

With that much money flowing through public coffers, any basic income program must also guard against individual misuse and systematic corruption, the authors warn.”

Unfortunately for the author of this paper, governments printing money has already been a thing for awhile now in the western world, and it ramped up heavily to finance the stimulus cheques they were sending out! Printed money IS an inflation driver!

Guarding against individual misuse and systemic corruption will no doubt be two reasons we’ll hear for why people should accept CBDC and Digital ID as a way for governments to ensure their money is spent “wisely’.

“Taxing carbon from fossil fuel at $50 to $100 per tonne could raise US$2.3 trillion, a sum that would fund basic income for everyone living below the poverty line in Asia, Europe, and North America, the study found.

Sumaila said similar taxes could be applied to number of other industries that pollute or over-exploit natural resources — from plastic manufactures to fisheries, agriculture and forestry.

“Tax the CO2 emitters, those who empty the ocean, those who put plastic in the ocean,” said Sumaila. “That is going to raise quite a big chunk of the funding needed to do this.””

Here in Canada, voices are getting louder to scrap carbon taxation, and other research studies that came out last week, are starting to question if the carbon tax was even doing what it set out to do and whether it should be scrapped. To hear that this paper is praising Canada’s approach is cringe-worthy as a result, and not at all wise! But look at what else he’s suggesting we tax: fisheries, agriculture and forestry! I don’t know what ethnicity he hails from where agriculture is not a necessity, where fishing has not featured, ever, in his culture’s meat-eating needs, and where forestry doesn’t contribute to building homes, furniture, fences, and the office he’s shown to be sitting in. He’s even swallowed the CO2 lie! Clearly this guy isn’t to be trusted and no doubt backed, encouraged, or even paid by those pushing these agendas to write what he did.

Mainstream news is going to start pulling out more people like this guy, willing to say what the string pullers want to push their agenda for total control (they think) of the world’s populations.

EDIT June 8, 2024:

However, your Digital ID will, in a large part, also be your “health passport”, as discussed in this lifesite article here. Unfortunately, the link given in the article for the graphic being discussed, won’t load for me. But as the article says:

Songdove Books - Combination Lock“people will need a Digital ID to:

*Access healthcare insurance and treatment
*Open bank accounts and carry out online transactions
*Access Humanitarian Services
*Shop and conduct business transactions
*Participate in social media
*Pay taxes, vote, collect government benefits
*Own a communication device [such as a cell phone or a computer]”

This sounds a lot like another piece of technology mentioned in Scripture where you won’t be able to buy or sell without it. Now to begin with, the current idea of a Digital ID is on your phone, a big reason I advocate using your phone as little as possible these days! The less you do on your phone, the better! Lower phone use will result in less EMF entering your body so readily (due to holding the phone or having it on your person), and get you doing things online via a tablet, laptop, or computer that doesn’t rely on a cellphone connection that can be tracked as easily. Yes you can put Surfshark and other VPN’s on your phone, but those don’t yet mask cell tower triangulation data, at least not to my knowledge.

The EU is already implementing their idea of digital ID, and they claim it’s voluntary. I have to add: For Now! They are erasing national borders in the digital space with this digital ID wallet they are rolling out, which from where I sit, basically wipes out the idea of nation states within the EU.

An article by a legal firm over there shares the following:

“Member States have to provide citizens and businesses with a European digital identity wallet that allows users to digitally identify themselves, store and manage identity data and official documents (such as driving licences, university diplomas, medical prescriptions) in digital form in all EU countries. “

“Whenever there is no legal requirement for users to have a legal identity for authentication, they will be able to use freely chosen pseudonyms.

Very large online platforms will have to accept the European digital identity wallet when users wish to log in on them.”

Remember what I shared about social universal ID’s a year ago? This is all part of the package deal! Find a way to get off the system! Find a way to reduce reliance on the system! A big hint is community where people look out for each other’s needs in very practical ways. I continue to pray that the Mark as described in Scripture won’t fully roll out until after the Church is removed. Until then, we are to be practical in how we do life so that we are not unnecessarily brought under control of the string pullers!

end edit

You are hereby called to rebel in the most mundane way possible! Here’s what you do:

1) Ensure you have an emergency stockpile on hand of foods, herbs, spices, and any medicines you use regularly.
2) Ensure you learn how to do things for yourself and your neighbours and encourage them to learn what they can offer to their households and their neighbours. We’re talking sewing, gardening, woodworking, mechanics, technicians, baking, cooking, handyman tasks, etc. I have a spreadsheet you can use to help you and your neighbours figure this out.
3) Reduce how often you have to go shopping, repair more than you buy, wean yourself off the commercial/materialistic bandwagon whereever possible.
4) Don’t opt into UBI when offered.
5) Don’t opt into the Digital ID if possible.
6) Pay down debts as much as you can, with points 2 and 3 above assisting with freeing up cash for that endeavour. I offer a budgeting course if you would appreciate assistance in this area, and it’s priced for those on low income, although it helps those of all incomes learn where their money is going and how to better manage it.
7) Say no to CBDC if at all possible! You seriously don’t want to be tied to this system once it goes live!
8) Start bartering with your neighbours. This can be trading produce, or trading tasks, or trading pet-minding services or however it might look. Get used to doing this now before you need it. One example I had in a dream is called The One Cup Exchange. The idea is that your neighbour asks you for a cup of sugar, and offers a cup of flour. You need a cup of macaroni noodles, so you visit a neighbour who has it and trades you the noodles for the cup of flour that they need. Ideally, this method means no one starves and everyone is able to continue forward. If neighbours are also foraging, gardening, etc, the chances of food running out will be slim. It will change, but it won’t run out.

And that’s the last thing to start doing, accepting that things are going to change in the future. You may not have the same diet you do now, or wear the same type of clothes, or maybe even live in the same type of house. The goal will be sustainability from a practical rather than idealistic perspective. The idealistic perspective is going to doom the planet! So rebel by being practical! The day will come when your life literally depends on how you prepared today!

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