A Year in Prayer With Jesus

A Year in Prayer With Jesus


Do you struggle with the idea of a daily prayer life? Have you ever found yourself asking along with the disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray”? Then this book is for you. Let us join the disciples as we sit at Jesus’ feet and join Him in prayer. . . for an entire year.

It is important to realize that The Lord’s Prayer is not a recipe for answered prayer.  Rather, it is a recipe for increased relationship with the One Who desires to answer our prayers.  There is a very specific order in which Christ says we should approach God the Father.  This order, if followed, brings the child of God into a place of gratitude, humility, and reverence.  It seeks to bring the heart of the prayerful one into alignment with what beats God’s heart and it moves the Christian to put feet to their prayer life.

It is my desire as you go through the coming year with me, that you’ll gain a practical, living understanding and personal experiential insight into the realm of prayer that will lift you above the materialistic tendencies; above the selfish motives; above the need for instant gratification and attention, and into the realm of God’s heart not just for you, but for those around you; not just for your own issues and needs, but those around you, and lastly, that you will experience the richness of just “being” in His presence.

Did you buy this book? Why not add your name to the Songdove Books Calendar and help cover the globe in prayer for an entire year?

A Year in Prayer With Jesus is being made into a series of month-long decks of prayer cards. 

Songdove Books - A Year in Prayer With Jesus Day1Point1-low-resDecks for Months One through Four are now available over at Gumroad.com via the following links:

Month One – Prayer Cards based on A Year in Prayer With Jesus

Month Two – Prayer Cards based on A Year in Prayer With Jesus

Month Three – Prayer Cards based on A Year in Prayer With Jesus

Month Four – Prayer Cards based on A Year in Prayer With Jesus

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  • “Back to School Bundle for the Entire Family!” | Songdove Books Presents:August 24, 2015 at 9:07 pm

    […] “A Year in Prayer With Jesus” paperback edition to allow for you and your family to not only use it for family devotions everyday for the coming fiscal year, but also to personalize it with your own thoughts and notes as you go along. Join the disciples as they sit at the feet of Jesus and learn how to pray. If you wish, send me the date you started it and I’ll enter it into my calendar. I’d love to see my author website calendar fill up with people covering the year in prayer. […]

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