“Dressed for Eternity” Book Launch Bazaar and Fashion Show

BookCover6x9_BW_230-frontcoWelcome to the “Dressed for Eternity” Online Book Launch Bazaar and Fashion Show!

The Door Prizes tab is now live and accepting entries for  your chance to win one of the door prizes being offered throughout tonight’s event.  Door prizes will be drawn by 6:45pm, 7:15pm and 7:45pm with the Grand Prize being drawn by 8:15pm.  You will be notified by email if your name is drawn for a prize.

The vendor tab will show you various vendors representing various items discussed on the book.  Click each vendor’s image in the carousel to visit their page and purchase their wares.  Please note that some are Facebook pages, meaning you will need to click the About link to obtain contact information to place your order.

The Fashion Show tab will display a different carousel three times throughout this evening.  By 6:45pm, you’ll see the Casual clothing carousel. By 7:15pm you’ll see the Formal clothing carousel and By 7:45pm you’ll see the Wedding/Bridal carousel.

The Book Readings tab will display a different reading from the book three times throughout this evening. By 6:45pm, you’ll see a reading from the discussion on the New Jerusalem. By 7:15pm, you’ll see a reading from the discussion on Food Fit for the Bride of Christ.  By 7:45pm, you’ll see a reading from the discussion on Modesty.

The Background Music tab will present you with links to both playlists for the evening.  The Ambient play list may be played in another window while you browse the various vendors on the vendor tab.

The Fashion Show play list features three songs.  The first song is for the casual carousel.  The second song is for the formal carousel, and the final song is for the wedding/bridal carousel.

Opening these playlists in another browser tab will offer you some of the experience as if you were here with us tonight in person.

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