Join With Others in Covering the World in Prayer for an Entire Year!

A Year in Prayer With Jesus
A Year in Prayer With JesusA fun way to see just how much of the fiscal calendar year we can cover in prayer, will be to post dates to the Songdove Books website calendar showcasing who began Day One on what date. Depending on personal preference, your publicly-entered date can show just your initials, or your full name, or part of your name. It can also link to your blog if you have one, business/fan/organization page, or social media link. It will be exciting to see how the calendar fills up.

The goal is to cover the calendar in prayer with various people beginning Day One on different dates such that 365 people end up covering 365 days of the entire year!

Are you game? Then be sure to tell me what day you chose to begin your Year in Prayer With Jesus.

Please fill in the following form and indicate how you wish your information to be displayed. You will also be added to the Songdove Books monthly newsletter. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each newsletter.

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