Welcome to the April 2015 edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!

Anyone know where May took off to???  As I write this, the calendar says May 27th and June 1st is on Monday!  So I'm sitting here realizing it's time for yet another monthly newsletter. . . Could have sworn I wrote one just a couple weeks ago. . .

One thing's for sure, May's focus has been GRADUATION!


Seasonal News

The biggest event of the month was probably the discovery of 26 copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" flying off the Amazon shelves!  That brings the total paperback copies of this book sold to 31 this year! 

31 graduates will receive this from loved ones in their life seeking to offer unspoken assistance as they cross the stage from school into the big wide world!  I've been told this is a great book to send kids off to college with too.

Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"

The second event to have me both relieved and excited about, is that the prayer cards for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" have resumed production now that I have more hard drive space, and I was able to schedule month two, and both start AND complete month three, complete with scheduling in hootesuite!  All three months are now available as hi-res downloadable printables on gumroad.com.  Month four is now in the works and when that's done, I'll be a solid third of the way through!  It really is a relief to be working on this project again!  

The remainder of Month Two and Month three begin resumed daily morning postings on June 1st.  You'll be able to catch them every five minutes starting at 7am via my author page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my author profile on G+.  Those versions of the prayer cards however, are only 72dpi (web quality) and not very suitable for printing.  You can however, share them as far and wide online as you wish, if you so choose.  Just keep the cards intact for copyright reasons.

The $20 price of each printable deck over at gumroad works out to less than 20 cents per hi-res image.  While many graphics artists will scream at so little per image, this is my attempt to make printing them more affordable for you, as ink and paper aren't cheap either.

Month One: https://gumroad.com/l/PC-YPWJ
Month Two: https://gumroad.com/l/PC2-YPWJ
Month Three: https://gum.co/PC3-YPWJ

Promotional News

Locations online where Songdove Books make be found grew again this month.  All four ebooks can now be purchased from Best Indie Book Store.  Needless to say, if you haven't already, you'll want to review the Songdove Books Presents: list of where to buy around the world to see if you favourite store is there yet or not. 

The list is both growing and shrinking, as a UK site removed their ebook section this year as well. 

I won't bore you by listing all the current locations in this newsletter, just click over to the site to peruse at your convenience.

http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/where-to-buy-around-the-world/  as members are able to leave comments on shop items.  

Check out the new online retailers!



As usual, God's provisions never cease to amaze me.  I have wrapped up the "heavy lifting" for a client's website and brand new social media presence and am now handling things back on a maintenance basis.  That client almost single-handedly covered my desired monthly earnings for most of 2015 so far.  As that began winding down, soundtech events at my church began picking up!  Several events in April and May combined with an unknown donor's gift back in April, have ensured things keep rolling in this house.  Funerals, concerts, a wedding. . . A sound tech never knows what they'll be doing next around my church.  June will see me doing three graduation ceremonies as well.  

The large number of grad gift sales this Spring has meant I'll be due for my first Createspace royalty cheque come the end of June as well!  Since first publishing in 2012, this is a BIG deal!  I've sold books via other outlets over the past few years, but Createspace has a very large minimum amount before they will cut you a cheque, so I'm thrilled to be getting my first cheque from them at the end of June!  

Createspace isn't the only one to be sending me a cheque either.  I am looking forward to getting my first payout from Hubpages.com at the end of this month as well!  I haven't had as much time to engage in freelance writing this year, so it's great to see the writing I have done start to pay off.  So much of my writing isn't designed to earn a penny and appears on my blog, my facebook and LinkedIn notes areas, or even my private profile notes.  But whenever it's possible to use my gifting not merely to share, but to put milk in the fridge too, that's a big deal!

For those who might be wondering, my health has improved to a point and plateaued there for much of 2015.  I do get setbacks ever now and then, and my mornings the week of this newsletter have been "dragging" physically, mentally and emotionally.  I don't know if it's the heat already, as the Okanagan is already spending more time in the mid to high 20's (celcius), or if it's sleep issues, as I get interrupted every morning to take my daughter to work, or if it's just my body's response to being busier and me not finding the new boundaries yet.  It's great to generally have more energy to do stuff, because that allows me to be more productive around the house, take on more work, etc.  Just pray I'm not overdoing it and that I'll discover where my boundaries are at this stage of healing and not cross them till I'm ready to.

Blog posts continue as I go through the Bible from front to back in my personal devotions.  An interesting thought came to me as I read Numbers 18 a few days ago.  You'll want to read that.  So often we think God's holding out on us when He chooses not to bless us with things or situations or circumstances that we feel we've done our part to receive.  There might be a higher reason why those things have apparently been denied.  Read on to discover how all this played out in my personal devotions.



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