Welcome to the July 2015 Victory Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!


That was the theme of this month!  My health was reasonably well.  My finances were the lowest for the 2015 year to date.  I turned into a living stop light for several days, and yet, the month feels like a success!  

Victory #1: I successfully drove a horse 1.5hrs to and from a schooling show the weekend of July 12th!

Victory #2: My daughter and her horse won two ribbons at the schooling show that weekend!

Victory #3: Her horse trailored for me in under 2 minutes as we got ready to come home!  Apparently that is considered a compliment in the horse world.

Victory #4: Month 5 of Prayer Cards from "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" was completed!

Victory #5: Another copy of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" sold!

Victory #6: Gumroad and Payhip added affiiliate systems to their storefronts, bringing the total number of affiliate systems available to Songdove Books Affiliates, to FOUR!

Now naturally, not all these events took place in the order in which I counted them, but order isn't important.  The fact remains that in spite of how some aspects of July went, there are things to be happy about and rejoice over, and its important to make sure we dwell on the positives to a) keep our spirits up, b) reassure ourselves that with God's help, anything is possible, c) keep moving forward and d) get our minds off things that will drag us down.  Have I mentioned that I learned how to write run-on sentences from the Apostle Paul himself?? It seems he learned from the Prophet Isaiah!

Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"

As mentioned in the victory list above, Month Five in the Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" is now available for purchase and download from Gumroad.com.  Almost half way through the undated year now with these cards, and they are being shared in their low-res form on Facebook, Twitter, and my author profile on G+.  Everytime I think I've solved the link vs image issue on LinkedIn, it reverts back to the link getting the focus!  The next test will involve double-entry via hootesuite's system.  If that works, great, if it doesn't. . . I will have to stop trying to share the prayer cards via LinkedIn.  

When Month 6 is completed, Months 1 - 3 will go on sale at 25% off.  All decks, whether 30 days or 31 days, sell for $20 each and are useable as desktop backgrounds, in your screensaver app (randomly), or printed at 300 DPI on your colour printer.  You may purchase one copy for home, a second work, another for your office at church, etc.  If you have a Bible study group you wish to purchase for, contact me and we'll discuss special pricing.

Month One: https://gumroad.com/l/PC-YPWJ
Month Two: https://gumroad.com/l/PC2-YPWJ
Month Three: https://gum.co/PC3-YPWJ
Month Four: https://gumroad.com/l/PC4-YPWJ
Month Five: https://gumroad.com/l/PC5-YPWJ

Graduation season is now over

and well over 30 graduates received copies of my book, "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate".  I was so thrilled to see the books fly off the Amazon virtual shelves this Spring!  One day 12 books sold all at once, leading me to wonder if a youth group somewhere decided to bless their graduates this year with copies of this book! 

This book may be purchased at any time of year however, so if you have a graduate heading off to college, be sure to arm them with a copy along with other resources such as those provided by Alliance Defence Fund and Focus on the Family.  Post-secondary education isn't what it used to be and the religiously-tolerated landscape has changed sharply in recent years.  "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" can help keep them on the right track.

Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey"

Just a reminder that "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey" continues to be available in a wide variety of online locations including Amazon in paperback.  PDF versions are available at just as many places online.  This series of 6 volumes and a Leader's Guide takes the reader through my journey of healing and restoration back in 2007/08, offering resources and questions to help the reader along in their own journey. 

If you are an Amazon Prime member, these books qualify for the free shipping if you meet the minimum purchase requirements.  In addition, using the Amazon Smile links via my website will allow you to support your favourite charity when completing your purchase.  You'll find all my books in the Amazon Smile page set up on my site, so feel free to purchase as many as you wish, knowing that a portion of your completed sale will go toward the charity you picked when first visiting Amazon Smile.

News Related to the Songdove Books Affiliate Program

Have you signed up as a Songdove Books Affiliate yet?  I know some of you like to share my books with your online friends from time to time, so why not get 20% kickback for your trouble? 

Click2Sell and JVZoo only offer this percentage on my two e-courses, however the recent additions this month of Gumroad and Payhip also let you earn this percentage on sales of my books too! 

Check out this link on my site for more information.  Help me get word out about my books and e-courses, and get paid for every sale made from your efforts!



You'll notice the "recent blog posts" section at the end of this newsletter is quite varied this time 'round.  When I first began my blog in early 2013, my very first post introduced myself and the fact that at times, content would be random.  The month of July has certainly lived up to that from comparing small-cash earnings sites to a discussion about a plant, to a blog post about the July 12th weekend all while continuing to blog about chapters of Scripture as verses in them jump out at me on my journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  Only the three latest posts are shown below.  But feel free to browse the top left sidebar as well to catch up on all that's been written this month.

July has definitely felt like a crazy month!  I don't know what August has in store, but I do ask for continued prayer for my finances.  2015 went very well in the first half, but income has slowed down considerably as of July.  I have more energy now and mental/emotional health is holding steadier as well.  So I am getting generally busier as a result and not paying for it half as often.  So pray for the work to come in, or for residual income to kick in from sales of my books, e-courses, cafepress offerings, etc.  

You're welcome to join me over at Cashcrate as well and get paid a little to share your opinions with companies asking for them.  I haven't had time every single day to put into it, but whenever I do, I earn anywhere from a few cents to a couple dollars within one hour of sitting down to the site.  I'm almost at $10 and would be higher if I remembered to check in every day.  

So here's to ending an otherwise victorious month, and praying for more victories going into the remainder of the summer!



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