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I'm writing this now, as the few days that remain of September next week will be too busy for me to think about this.  Even as I type to you now, the primary thought for the evening is "exhaustion"!  The afternoon was spent going for a nice long walk with my daughter, followed up with a trip to our house guest's location where they had other stuff stored to pick it up and bring it home.  In between those two events, cages were cleaned, vacuuming was done, etc.  Upon return with more boxes, it was time to go through things and find homes for it all.  To my pleasant surprise, most of our house-guest's things assimilated into our home without much hassle.  Dinner was eaten, a few more details were tidied up including building a cardboard enclosure for one cage so it's occupant could skip around and dig without sending shavings all over the floor, and my lungs began to seize up.  Exhaustion set in as my daughter practiced her harp.  That was the perfect way to end a crazy second half of the day and she wrapped up by playing 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

That is an apt song for this household right now.  One of the items to enter our home was a handheld native drum given to our house guest years ago on Vancouver Island.  Because they did not know the background of the gift giver, once everything was put away it was time to lay hands on the drum, wrest any dedication away from the enemy and dedicate it to the Holy Spirit's purposes instead, covering it in the Blood of Jesus Christ.  

Now I sit here a) exhausted, b) glad an antihistamine appears to be kicking in, and c) most definitely telling God that we are trusting Him to help us as we reach out to help our house guest.  If the faith walk in our home hadn't been one of adventure before, it has stepped up yet again.  My monthly income was lower than it needs to be for the second month in a row and we are looking at moving into someplace larger to accomodate everyone more comfortably.  We have an injured family member whose injury from April has not healed enough for him to return to work, so some of the cost-sharing that was going on has been affected as well.  In the natural, what we are doing is crazy and won't make sense to those on the outside, but we are on a faith journey where God is calling us to trust Him in ever-increasing measure.

Not only that, but this entire scenario has given way to my writing a third course.  This course is not writing-related this time 'round, and it has both an instructor's manual and a student workbook.  This course is not taught via email snippets every day, but in at least 1hr minimum of class time with a group of students every day Monday to Friday for five weeks. 

The title of this course is "The Poor Man's Budget (Or Anyone For That Matter) - Learning to live within your means.  This course draws heavily on the lessons I have learned over the years living below the Canadian poverty line, which is actually quite high.  Canada raise its poverty line into the low $30k range a few years ago, up from $28k or $29k annual income.  I remember cheering one year when my gross yearly income actually topped the poverty line!  However that was before they raised it.  Considering income levels around the world, earning roughly $2k per month still places us in the well-off catagory in many countries.  However, most people here in North America don't know how to live on just $2k/month.  When they find themselves earning "so little", they scramble, not knowing how to pare back their spending to match.  Low-income earners and "The Working Poor" often find themselves earning this much per month or less.  When times get tough financially in the future, more people will need to learn how to look after basic needs, pay down debts, and generally survive on much less than they are earning now.  There is a way to do that, and I teach how I've done it for decades, in this new course soon to be released this fall. 

Editing so far has been minimal with one long-time editor of my books telling me that my spelling and grammar have drastically improved since she first began editing my rough drafts several years ago.  I just need one more set of eyes on the course and then it will be ready for release to the public.


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Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"

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I am so tired tonight that I am going to keep this short.  Blog articles lately have been a bit "in your face" and one of them is a scathing look at current events and the issues they are creating around us both in and out of the Church and what the Church either should or is already doing.  My daughter has made me her own rendition of mulled hot cocoa and I've asked for extra turmeric both tonight as well as last night.  So I will sign off and let you enjoy the three blog posts below.


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