Welcome to the Late May 2016 Newsletter!

A huge apology to everyone!  We have gone for two complete months without a monthly newsletter!  That's the bad news.

The good news is that  a realtor I've worked for in the past called me back into his office back in April.  My health has taken awhile getting used to the new schedule, but it's been nice paying rent on time for two months in a row now. 

Working 20+ hours a week as well as playing Mom's Taxi, spotting for my daughter while she trains her horse, and learning bookkeeping, have resulted in very little time to write or promote anything.  

My blog has been silent for roughly a month, a silence finally broken this week when the Federal Government got blasted for not policing the cosmetic industry to ensure the safety of all Canadian women. For me, this bolsters reasons why I wrote various content in my latest book, "Mom's Little Black Book of Skincare & Make-up".  At only 80 pages long, this little book documents the knowledge I used in decades past that still hold true in current teachings and understandings of how to look after one's skin and apply make-up.

I decided to make it a companion book to "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate".  This grad gift sold over 30 copies last year!  At only $10 or $12 (depending on where you buy it), it honestly makes a great "gift under $20"!  The companion book is even cheaper at only $5.99.  

Did you know that one of the sources of modern skincare concerns came from a men's site???  There's a bit of trivia you won't hear every day!  Even men should look after the skin God gave them!  You'll have to buy the book to find out which site it is.  The appendix at the back lists various links that a person can type into their browser to assist in their own research.

Just in the last couple weeks, my gigs on Fiverr have gotten busy as well.  The Mail Chimp gig in particular has received several happy customers.  The latest customer actually gave me a nice tip for getting them up and running on the platform.

Don't forget that you can help me promote my books and courses as well, and get paid a commission for each sale you make!  Check out the various affiliate methods you can use to get word out and earn something in return for your efforts.  

As if obtaining and recovering from more work wasn't enough, I've also begun helping my daughter get $5 Backyard Concerts going with her handmade Pictish lap harp.  A robin joined her at the first concert a couple weeks ago.  The second concert was a no-show, and we're planning another one now for June.



So the world of Songdove Books ended up taking a back seat over the past two months.  But the books are all still available at various online retailers.  The courses are all still available as well.  It's grad season right now, so if you haven't yet bought a grad gift for that special grad in your life, hurry over to the store on my website, or to Amazon if you are a Prime member and qualify for free shipping, and get your copies of the two grad gifts.  

Again, sorry for the two-month communication hiatus.  I didn't plan such a situation.  Here's hoping I get June's newsletter out on time at the end of the month.



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