Welcome to the Christmas 2016 Newsletter!

The last time you heard from me, we were preparing to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day.  After that, the summer and Fall went crazy on the family side of life and I couldn't put any effort into writing, promoting, etc.  When nothing is happening, there isn't much to share, so if you were hoping to stay abreast of what the summer and fall had in store for Songdove Books, I apologize.

The fall culminated in another household move, the second such move exactly a year apart!  Life has begun settling down just in time to consider the Christmas season coming up.

Some of you may be thinking, "But the US Thanksgiving hasn't even happened yet!  Don't talk to me about Christmas until after Black Friday!" 

Well, to be honest, that's precisely why I'm sending this out to you tonight instead of next week.  If you don't hear about this tonight, you and those you know will miss out on some very important news that wraps up November 30th ahead of the Christmas season.

Pre-Christmas Announcement #1!

Songdove Books is having a Pre-Christmas sale on now through to the end of November! 

Save $25+ on the Songdove Books Christmas Bundle and pay only $60 if you order directly from me, the author, by way of the Paypal button on the blog post presenting this sale. 

If you don't like using Paypal but wish to take advantage of the sale, use the downloadable order form, send that off to me and follow it up with either a cheque or e-transfer.  Sending it off can consist of scanning it to email to save you paper, ink, an envelope and postage.

If you decide to order the Chirstmas bundle AFTER November 30th, the price will go up, offering you a savings of $10+ off the retail price, only paying $75 for the entire bundle.

In both cases, some of the books in the bundle end up being free because of the discount.  Everyone loves free right?

So get the better deal and purchase your bundle(s) before November 30th!

Speaking of FREE!

Songdove Books is also holding a Giveaway until November 30th, handing out one FREE PDF copy of "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal" to someone either a) helped get word out using the Tweet button in the giveaway box, or b) shared a very special family-oriented Christmas story with me! 

Doing both will give you 10 chances to win this book! 

Teachers in particular will be interested in this contest because there is special copyright usage offered to teachers for use in their classrooms.  So click on over to the giveaway and be sure to get your name in for the draw on December 1st!

Don't forget that any time of year, you can help me promote my books and courses as well, and get paid a commission for each sale you make!  Check out the various affiliate methods you can use to get word out and earn something in return for your efforts. 

The first Songdove Books Affiliate Program Newsletter went out earlier this evening.  So far, affiliates are representing Songdove Books on Gumroad and the official store right on my own website.  Glad to have them on board!



Thanks to this second move, our usual Cross over the Manger Christmas living room center piece ended up being mistaken for recycling and didn't come with us.  I am in the process of creating a smaller version because our new living room is not configured to allow for such a large display now anyway.  Hopefully it will be just as respectful to all that Christ has done for us.

Have your family traditions ever had to change because of a change in family circumstance?  It isn't always easy accepting such change.  We as human beings put much stock in the familiar traditions repeated year after year.  There is a sense of belonging, security, and routine that grounds us when life is going all directions at once.  But change doesn't have to be bad. 

This year, we will once again engage in our Advent celebrations.  Having the new book out last year actually made my life much easier than in the past.  Prior to publshing "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal", I had to go through my document folder on the computer, try to remember which set of documents I'd used the year prior, then remember all over again during Advent that I'd forgotten to make it easier to read and share, etc.  Last year, I just used the new book! 

Sometimes we authors write for our own benefit and merely share it with you in the hopes it will make your life easier too.  Those who have used this little book so far have been quite happy with it and I look forward to the stories it will create in the future.


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