Welcome to the last Newsletter of 2016!

2016 turned out to be quite the year in so many ways.  For Songdove Books, the two biggest points were during the graduation season and the Christmas season that is just wrapping up.


Might Get a Sister!

19 families were blessed with "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal".  I've begun work on a companion book that will be entitled "30 Days of Advent Activity Journal", featuring various kinds of word puzzles and mazes.  A free one-day sample can be downloaded here.

Writing Projects for 2017

 Writing projects for the new year include the above activity journal, and a controversial book entitled, "Good God, Mean God" examining various passages in Scripture where God says He would do, bring, or allow things that many Christians today say is blasphemy. 

I have the first chapter roughed out, but not happy with the presentation.  I get into doing word studies and then realize they have to be readable to others besides myself!

The first chapter is all about setting down definitions for words and concepts that will be explored later in the book, so it's necessary to have those definitions easily digested by the reader.  Some of them surprised me. 

I hope to have both books ready by next Fall.  We'll see how that goes.

Don't forget that any time of year, you can help me promote my books and courses as well, and get paid a commission for each sale you make!  Check out the various affiliate methods you can use to get word out and earn something in return for your efforts. 

The first Songdove Books Affiliate Program Newsletter went out earlier this evening.  So far, affiliates are representing Songdove Books on Gumroad and the official store right on my own website.  Glad to have them on board!



Finding time to blog this past year was interesting, but more than that, was the list of 10 posts that made it into the top 10 for 2016!  Clearly the idea of making a dollar stretch was getting attention this past year.  Controversial topics such as trying to do God's own work for Him also made it into the top 10.  You can find that list here.

Financially, 2016 was a challenge for many of us, and trying to make a penny and save a penny meant very little was done in the world of Songdove Books over the summer months.  Some of the summer's adventures were captured on a website I've built specifically for budgeting and household finances:  http://marilynndawson.net  Thanks to how those adventures went, I can say my health improved dramatically.  I'm closer to being myself again.  

We moved in November as well, second time in two years sad to say.  But God was involved in that as well.  My health has been challenged over the Christmas season, but I look forward to getting back into foraging in the new year.  Getting away from chemicals and unecessary salt and sugar in one's food helps quite a bit to resetting things.  We can't get away from these things completely, but reducing them has already shown benefits.



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