Happy New Year!

Yes, the 2 year silence has finally been broken!  I am finally writing again!  The past two years have been difficult on the personal end of things, with 2018 being harder even than 2017.  I am still healing up from physical issues that occurred in 2018, and trying to build up some form of income that works with my adrenal fatigue that has flared up.  One doctor says my blood test numbers are worse than back in 2013, so life has been a challenge and not much writing was happening for the past couple years.


New Books Now Available Off Amazon!

Three new Themed Writing Prompt journals are now available on Amazon, with a fourth coming online in time for Valentine's celebrations in February.  If you know an author or a writer who likes themes, and who occasionally suffers writer's block, get these as gifts to them:



New Year:


In addition:  Songdove Books also has a trio of scratchbooks entitled:  Your Personal Paper Assistant.  Scratchbooks #1 through #3 have Scripture verses at the bottom of every blank page, starting in Genesis with book 1 and end in Revelation with book 3.  Packably-sized at 4x6 and only 90 pages to hold all your note scratches, doodles, etc.

Book 3

Book 2

Book 1

Writing Projects for 2017

 were clearly put on hold, but at the time, consisted of The 30 Days of Advent Activity Journal, and a controversial book entitled, "Good God, Mean God" examining various passages in Scripture where God says He would do, bring, or allow things that many Christians today say is blasphemy. 

I have the first chapter roughed out, but not happy with the presentation.  I get into doing word studies and then realize they have to be readable to others besides myself!

The first chapter is all about setting down definitions for words and concepts that will be explored later in the book, so it's necessary to have those definitions easily digested by the reader.  Some of them surprised me. 

Neither of these books have been able to be written over the past couple years.  I did add to Good God/Mean God a little in 2017, but couldn't get further due to everything going on.  These are not forgotten, but they don't fit into available time right now either.  The journals however, do as they are fun and quick to put together.  You'll be seeing more of the journals over the coming months as well.

Don't forget that any time of year, you can help me promote my books and courses as well, and get paid a commission for each sale you make!  Check out the various affiliate methods you can use to get word out and earn something in return for your efforts. 

The in-house affiliate system mentioned on the above links needs work.  At the moment, if you wish to be an affiliate to help sell my books, please do so through the other options mentioned until you get word that my in-house affiliation system is behaving.



So here we are starting another new year.  I am grateful for inspiration that has given me a writing challenge that fits with where I am at right now.  Do keep me in your prayers with healing and financial viability.  I am pleased that a third royalty check is due soon, and for the occasional sale of ebooks as they happen too.  But other forms of income are necessary to cover living expenses.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.  I myself am praying that 2019 reverses what all took place in my health challenges in 2018 particularly.  One needs to be reasonably healthy to bring in a decent income.

Lord-willing, you will hear from me again in February with more writing news.



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