Welcome to 2020, COVID Edition!

Who would have guessed the way this year has turned out eh? Back in January, when I heard that this year would be the Chinese Year of the Rat, I groaned.  But even as I groaned, I had no idea what would come down!  I look back on that groan and shake my marveling head. . .  

I realized after I sent this last email earlier in the year, that my updated photo of all my paperbacks did NOT include my 30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal!  Might have to see if I can photoshop that in here somewhere.


Update on all Paperbacks Available on Amazon!

Four new Themed Writing Prompt journals are now available on Amazon, along with last year's three new notebooks.  All of these are available from my author page accessible from Smile Amazon.  The past 5 years have been productive even when it looked like they weren't at times.

Thank you to all who have purchased them over the past several years, whether for yourselves or for others, including the one book missing from this photo, "30 Days of Advent Colouring Journal" (gotta fix that soon!)


When:   August 24th,

Time:    2pm PST

Where: Private Facebook Group

What: Uncover the Mystery $5 30 Day Introductory Prayer Challenge!

 Songdove Books, together with The Solo-Mom Agape Resource Tactician, is presenting this introductory prayer challenge answering commonly-asked questions around the subject of prayer.  Sundays will be honoured as a day of rest, so no teaching will happen on those days.  Toward the end of the challenge, a prayer chaplaincy service will be introduced.  Two of my books will be featured as prizes during these 30 days:  A Year in Prayer With Jesus, and The One Year Prayer Journal.  The Lord's Prayer is one of the ways we are taught to pray in the Scriptures, and the way Christ taught His disciples to pray.  Other prayer outlines will be shared during one of the weeks of this challenge.  Some you may have heard of, others that may be new to you.  Some are for children, and two relate to your overall personal devotional time.

A workbook will be available to help you stay on track through the challenge.  

Do you have questions about prayer? Has the idea of prayer disillusioned you? Come on out!  Register here: https://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/tame/cartflows_flow/530prayerchall/introduction/  If this link won't open when you click on it, simply highlight it, then copy (ctrl-c) and go to your browser's address bar (not the search bar) put your cursor in the address bar and hit ctrl-v to paste.  Mac users use the command key in place of ctrl.  



Back in February, I observed that 2020 was already proving to be a year of challenge.  Sometimes those challenges involving changing mindsets, perspectives, outlooks, expectations, attitudes, etc.  God spoke to me about my perspectives, my goals, and my focus.  God speaks to me about focus fairly frequently, but this year in particular.  Some people start out a year with one word they will hone in on. . . it appears that for me it is three words.  

In the world of optometry, 20/20 vision is the ideal vision for both eyes to have for optimum vision.  We often say hindsight is 20/20 because we tend to see things more clearly after we've moved past them.  But I and many others continue to feel that God is calling us to sharpen our vision now, not when we look back, but now.  Some say the idea is very cliche, but who am I to deny that sometimes, what seems so cliche is in fact incredibly, even painfully true?

 How we interpret the world around us and those in it shapes how we respond to, react to, and interact with that world.  We can view it as a threat, we can view it as abusive, we can view it as helpful, we can view it as benevolent, we can see hope, we can see despair, we can see change, we can see stagnation. . . 

We shouldn't go around with blindfolds pretending the world's problems aren't there, or that certain people are more helpful than others.  We need to be realists, but we can be positive realists or negative realists.  We both look at the same glass of water and we both note the level.  We can be cynical and negative by noting that half the water is gone, or we can be positive and cheerful and pray that whoever drank half the water is feeling better for it.  We can go beyond that even and take it upon ourselves to fill the glass up again in whatever way God has blessed us with, so that another person can benefit from drinking that water.  Obtaining that water can be fraught with challenges, but we know the Giver of that Water, Jesus Christ.  Yes the world may try to slosh it out of us before we can reach the one who needs it, yes there are rocks to trip over and we need to top up again before we can head out a second time, yes traps are laid and others stick out a foot to trip us up, but even the water that sloshes out can give another person life when they least expect it.  We need to maintain our focus on the goal God has set before us.  

As you go further into the 2nd half of 2020, how is God speaking to you personally?  So far, we've had global threats the likes of which many haven't seen since 1917.  We've had an increase in chaos, the reasons for which have polarized even those inside the Church.  We've seen an increase in false teachings, New Age infiltration, and more as people fumble around for something, anything to latch onto for security and stability.

Now more than ever, we need to be turning to God Himself for our answers, for guidance, for stability, and for comfort in these challenging times.  Give some serious thought to attending or sharing this upcoming challenge on August 24th.  Even if you attend as the accountability partner for someone you know who questions the efficacy of prayer or that God even bothers to answer them. 

Personally, I pray you have been able to find God's comfort in your own homes over these past number of months.  See the latest author blog article below for encouragement in these trying times. 

Take care, and have a safe remainder of your summer.


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