Welcome to the Songdove Books Affiliate Program Newsletter, or SAP News for short!

First off, a warm welcome to everyone who has signed up to promote Songdove Books on their websites!

We now have affiliates promoting Songdove Books listings on Gumroad, Payhip, and the official Songdove Books Store right on the Songdove Books website!  I'd love to see the pages where you have links back to content being sold through Songdove Books. Please send me links to where you are sharing your affiliate links!  You never know, your site just might get featured in this newsletter!

 It would be great to get feedback from you on how you are finding the usage of the programs you have signed up for.  Where possible, I have endeavored to offer detailed instructions that allow you to share anything you wish from the program you have joined.  If a question has not been answered via the program's FAQ's or usage instructions, please don't hesitate to ask.

The Store Has Been Modernized!

Back in 2018, I told everyone they could use manual referral link creation and had written up detailed explanations for doing that.  This was because at the time, it was NOT easy for me to properly get an actual storefront working outside of what Paypal offered.

I am pleased to say that as of March 22nd, 2021, the store has finally been modernized thanks to updates to the WooCommerce system that finally work with what I want to do.  Now you can copy the URL of any store item, insert it into your referral code generator in your affiliate dashboard/creative area, and carry on without further adieu as you share that link far and wide!

Your links have been and ARE getting clicks!  They haven't been getting sales, but that may be due to the unprofessional appearance they had. NOW they will get more professional-looking clicks! As a result,


So please update your links ASAP!!!

If you need a refresher as to where to go to reach your affiliate dashboard, please click here and once the page loads, bookmark it for future reference:  Songdove Books Affiliate Dashboard

The biggest win for me

in revamping the bookstore, has been the ability to offer my original series: "Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey" into a bundle for the first time on this website in an official and useful manner!  

I can't sell this as an official paperback bundle on Amazon, but I can here on my own website!!!  Here is the link for you to promote!  I will be updating the creatives to include this image for your use.  

Now that I know bundles are possible in WooCommerce, I'll be creating a few more bundles in coming days.

Thanks for hanging in there with me since I first began asking affiliates to help get word out about my books.

As noted when you first signed up and were added to this newsletter, future content may include updated promotional material, congratulating top affiliates for the month, word of deals from time to time, and possibly even affiliate features.  Each newsletter ends with the latest postings from my blog. 

If you did not provide your website URL in the sign-up form, but hope to be featured in the newsletter, then please ensure that:

• Your site prominently features a permanent SAP promotional banner such as the one to the left here, or a product from the store location you are signed with.

For Songdove Books Store and Click2Sell affiliates, you'll find this in your list of available creatives. For JVZ affiliates, you'll find these in zip files at the bottom of the JVZ affiliate page on my site.  The url is in the affiliate product description on the JVZ website as well. For Payhip and Gumroad affiliates, please contact Songdove Books for creatives you can use on your site.  One simple way to contact Songdove Books is simply to reply to this newsletter.

• Your site compliments either the focus of the e-courses, or the focus of Marilynn's website and books.

If your website matches these criteria, be sure to get me your link so that I can review and then perhaps feature your site in future newsletters.

Should you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, feel free to use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter.  In an age of information overload, we fully understand your need to maintain only those newsletters that you intend to read.  No hard feelings.

So sit back, and enjoy each month's newsletter as it comes in. 

And again, welcome.


Songdove Books


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