One Year Prayer Journal


May your time in your prayer closet be rich this year.


As you enter your prayer closet every day, bring your Bible, a pen, and this journal to jot down the verse that jumps off the page at you, and to record prayers, thoughts, and anything else that comes to mind as you engage with the Lover of your soul.

There is one page for each of the 365 days of the typical year, plus one extra in case you pick this up in a leap year.

The pages are not dated, so that you can begin using this journal at any point in the year. If you wish, you may add the date at the top of each page. Doing so may actually prove useful if you go back through your journal at a later date, and wonder which day it was when God had shared a certain thing with you.

May your time in your prayer closet be rich this year.

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