The Poor Man’s Budget: Student’s Workbook


At just $5 per day, this course is aimed at anyone of any income struggling with their finances.


Are you concerned about the Canadian economy? Does your income seem to be disappearing faster than anticipated? Would you be interested in spending just $5 each day for 5 weeks to learn tips and tricks to better manage your household finances?

Then you’ll want to sign up to take this course, “The Poor Man’s Budget (or anyone for that matter): A Five Week Course – Learning to live within your means.

At just $5 per day, this course is aimed at those who are struggling with their finances. Anyone of any income bracket can take this course, because anyone regardless of income can find themselves struggling to make ends meet and occasionally feeling financially poor.

The student of “The Poor Man’s Budget” will learn the following:

  • assess where they are,
  • learn the difference between wants and needs,
  • learn when to avoid the deals and when to embrace them,
  • discover spending habits to change or update,
  • discover where they can recoup lost income,
  • learn how to pay down debt,
  • learn grocery shopping tips and tricks
  • work with sample budget sheets
  • and more!

This course is great for para-church groups reaching out to those who are struggling in their neighbourhoods! This includes the working poor at the local mission; benevolence ministries, organizations helping men and women rebuild their lives as they recover from bad life choices, halfway houses, etc. Even local food banks and secular outreach programs can make use of this course. Each session begins with opening prayer and Scripture. If you lead a church-based or para-church ministry reaching out to those who are struggling, if you care about preventing them from joining the ranks of those on the street, then you’ll want to get your hands on this course as soon as it’s published in order to begin planning your first 5 week session.

Do you look after the benevolence ministry at your church? Do you run a ministry helping others get back on their feet from bad decisions? Do you want to help people learn how to handle their domestic finances in a way that could potentially get them out of debt, eat healthier, and reduce their monthly expenses? This course may be for you!

This course includes an instructor’s manual and workbook and is meant to be presented in a classroom setting with up to 15 or 20 students at a time.


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