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Am I getting what I’m paying for?  In today’s online economy, online learning takes on extreme proportions.  If the information isn’t offered for free, it’s offered at exorbitant prices!  Free is beginning to come with a price now as well Generally that price is the cost of looking at advertisements that pay for the content you are enjoying.  Free also brings with it a certain level of risk.  Not all free content can be trusted, and half the time, free just isn’t as good as the more expensive paid product.  But in the world of online learning, the more expensive paid product is REALLY expensive!

Songdove Books has decided to do something about both problems.  There is literally tons of information on the ‘net that will tell you how to write your book, how to edit it, how to publish it, etc.  Most of the free information on these subjects goes over it so quickly in one-off blog-style articles, that the reader is left with a sheaf of bookmarked websites and still wondering how to pull it all together.  Most of the online courses offering to teach the writer how to publish are in the $100+ ranges and suggesting you spend up to $1000 or more on the necessary tools.  Books on how to become an author have wide ranges as well, from $.99 e-book outlines to $30 – $70 paperback tomes taking you through every nuance of the art form.

Again, Songdove Books has decided to do something about these problems.  The following courses will take your fledgling book idea from unformatted words on a page to either paperback or e-book.  These are not complicated courses and they don’t ask you to start a crowd-funding campaign to obtain the necessary tools.  Also, at just $15 USD or $17.50 CAD each, they don’t break the bank and ensure you get step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow on a schedule of your choosing.

Course #1: Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author

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Course #2: Practical Thoughts on Becoming an Author – Creating Your Very First E-Book!

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