Songdove Books Affiliate program Notes:

Songdove Books Affiliate Program

Now you can become a Songdove Books Affiliate directly through Songdove Books!  With the recent overhaul of the Songdove Books Store (now labelled “Store” up in the menu bar), Songdove Books can now house affiliates in-house!  Get your own referral code, track your earnings, track your referrals, get 60 days’ commissions on all referrals that use your affiliate link too!

Sign up here:

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to visit: Please click on Edit Profile as soon as you log in, to enter your Paypal email address.  This is the only way you will be paid via the Songdove Books Affiliate system.

Your referral link in your main affiliate area will send visitors directly to the Songdove Books Store.  In addition to your main referral URL, you’ll also find several “Creatives” that you can use to send your referrals to.  These will be added to as time goes on.

If you’d like to send referrals to specific books or courses, follow the steps below:

For savvy Internet users, these steps will be completed quickly.  If this is your first time creating an affiliate URL, the steps may seem overwhelming at first, but once you do a bunch of links, these steps will speed up for you.

1) Click on the Store link in the menu above.
2) Click on the product you wish to share.
3) In the address bar at the top of your browser, click once, that will cause everything in the address bar to be highlighted. (alternately, right-click on the product back in step 2, and choose “copy location” or similar wording in your browser’s right-click menu.  If doing this alternative step, skip to step 5)
4) Click Ctrl-C on your keyboard to copy the address.
5) Open notepad, wordpad, or a notes feature of your choice on your computer.
6) Paste the address into the text area.
7) Go to your affiliates area and login.
8) Look carefully at your affiliate url until you find the question mark.
9) Highlight everything in the url from the question mark to the end.  Include the question mark in your highlighting.
10) Click Ctrl-c to copy the highlighted parts.
11) Go back to your note.
12) Click your cursor at the end of the address in your note.
13) Paste the highlighted part of your affiliate url to the end of the address.

You can now share your newly-created affiliate url for the product you chose.  Note however, that anyone you refer through your affiliate link will get you commissions on any other product they purchase through the Songdove Books Store.

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