Take the 5 Week Course: The Poor Man’s Budget in Person or Online

Songdove Books - personal financesAre you concerned about the Canadian economy? Does your income seem to be disappearing faster than anticipated? Would you be interested in spending just $5 each day for 5 weeks to learn tips and tricks to better manage your household finances?

Then you’ll want to sign up to take this course,

“The Poor Man’s Budget (or anyone for that matter): A Five Week Course – Learning to live within your means”.

The Poor Man's BudgetAt just $5 per day, this course is aimed at those who are struggling with their finances. Anyone of any income bracket can take this course, because anyone regardless of income can find themselves struggling to make ends meet and occasionally feeling financially poor.

Those wishing to attend in person, can pay the entire course amount up front if you wish. $125 is the total cost of attending this course.

If you don’t have that much free right off the bat, don’t worry! $5 per day will be just fine. Students attending via the online webinar will not have the option to pay up front and will pay the $5 fee each time they access the day’s webinar.

For those who might miss a day’s session, the online webinars will be recorded and require the $5 fee to view.

The student of “The Poor Man’s Budget” will learn the following:

  • assess where they are,

  • learn the difference between wants and needs,

  • learn when to avoid the deals and when to embrace them,

  • discover spending habits to change or update,

  • discover where they can recoup lost income, learn how to pay down debt,

  • learn grocery shopping tips and tricks
  • work with sample budget sheets
  • and more!

Songdove Books - Student WorkbookEach student is encouraged to pick up a copy of the Student Workbook. This will cost you $6.50 + $7 S&H. Order it direct through me, the author,  and you will pick up your book in class shortly after it arrives. Online students will have your book drop-shipped to you directly.

Songdove Books - Three Month JournalFor those who like to be organized before taking a class, the Three Month Journal is also available for purchase for $10 plus $7 S&H. If you order this book and sign up to take the course, you will be notified when the next intake is closer to the end of your three-month time frame.

The printable PDF sign-up form contains several choices: Your choice of what time of day would suit you best to take the course – how you wish to take the course, whether in person or online – which sum of funds you wish to pay – how you wish to remit payment. So pay careful attention to the form as you fill it out. The online sign-up form is also available. Your email address will be added to a mailing list just for this course, so that information requiring quick updates to students can happen efficiently. After the course is over, you may unsubscribe, or your email will be moved to an alumni list for infrequent contact from me.

So pass this course announcement around to all your friends!

Please remember to check the site calendar to see upcoming intake dates!  Long stretches of time with no intake dates means no classes have been booked.  Contact me or use the sign-up form to indicate interest in forming the next class. If a given calendar intake date passes with no sign-ups, the intake date will move to the following Monday.  If an intake date fills up only one time slot, a second intake date will take place the following week as well.  However, if all time slots fill up for a given intake date, the next one won’t occur for another 5 weeks!  So please watch the calendar to know when the next date is when you can take the course.  Please have your registration in before that date.

NOTE for In-Person Classes: I only have room for an in-person class of up to 14 people at any given time! You have four time slots to choose from, and three of them will be worked into any given intake session. (if the 11am slot is full, the 1pm slot won’t be used but if the 11am slot is empty, the 1pm slot will be used, so I can eat lunch!)

NOTE for Online Classes: All participant’s fees need to be received before the start of each day’s class.  Roll-call will include acknowledging those who have paid.  If you are having me address a group all at once, please ensure everyone has sent in payment before you connect me to your class each day.  Available time slots will be worked out between myself and your group director.

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