Introductory prayer challenge


“Sorry, I hope you don’t mind if I remain silent” thinking to self: ‘I don’t actually know how to pray”

“Pray? Yeah, I tried that, didn’t work for me. I don’t pray anymore”

“So the lady who led me in the sinner’s prayer says I need to read my Bible and pray every day. How do you do that?”

“I’m a single mom! I don’t have TIME to pray!”


Any of this sound familiar? Does it sound like anything you or someone you know might think, say or feel?


So many misconceptions around prayer exist today,

from those who figure it’s the domain of the priest or pastor up front, to those who recite from prayer books, to those who claim it failed when they needed it most, to those who promote a particular list of tasks that will make God say yes every time. . . The list goes on and on and on.


But what actually is prayer? Why do we engage in it? Why did God tell us to pray? How does Scripture tell us to pray? Does God really hear and answer prayer?


I invite you to learn the answers to these questions and many more over 5 days beginning October 5th as we learn from God’s Word about this powerful communication tool.

You will have access to daily Facebook Lives that you can attend live or catch on the replay.

Your daily participation in each day’s homework assignment will put you on the list for potential prizes at the end!

Learn about some of the books Marilynn Dawson has written and about the Prayer Chaplaincy service being offered under her coaching title. If you run a business that is struggling right now because of COVID, you will want to learn about this new service as well.

Are we ready?

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