Sometimes God’s Path Looks Like a Bowl of Spaghetti!

The Poor Man's Budget Online Course DateSeats are still available for February 24th if anyone was thinking of taking the online class for The Poor Man’s Budget: a 5 Week Course – Learning to Live Within Your Means. In the meantime, I believe a career-change redirection occurred this weekend (Feb 21st).

A month ago when I took Anita’s Acceleration Week, (hard to believe one month has gone by already!) I went in thinking this was a step toward becoming a Biblical Natural Health Coach. I had to raise money for those courses, so I figured I’d do that by putting what I learned that week into practice to relaunch the online version of my budgeting course. Seeing as job-hunting for low-stress employment was going nowhere fast and finances were getting worse around the house, not better, this seemed like the next best thing. Motivational and spiritual gifting assessments always have teaching very high on the list if not near or at the top. Teaching is a motivational gifting and I love seeing the light bulb go on in someone’s head after explaining or demonstrating how something works.

Another author/speaker I follow, has been sharing about God’s calling on people’s lives and over the past month, been occasionally sharing that someone in her fan base is about to see God move in a very big way and that it won’t look like what they were asking for, but will meet their needs and more. I’ve always agreed with the saying that sometimes God’s blessings show up dressed in overalls, but have sometimes balked at the idea that I should change my train of thought. . . go figure on that one. I get set in a direction and it often takes quite a bit to make me change course. But this time I was seeing these “warnings” if you will, and had the niggling feeling that I shouldn’t hold too tightly to my desire to become that Biblical Natural Health Coach. I didn’t like the idea of letting go of that concept so soon (it only came to me last July and I found the desired courses closer to August 2019), but got the quietly strong sensation that I should listen and keep an open hand.

Songdove Books - a KingI went into my meeting with a young business coach Friday morning to discuss what I needed/wanted for my budgeting course. She was celebrating some wins by offering 5 free sessions. I booked one of those sessions for Feb 21st where the direction of focus took a sudden right turn near the end of our conversation. This right-turn didn’t negate anything discussed previously, but it did present a much larger focus than I’d gone into the meeting anticipating. I left the meeting mentally reeling and needing to regroup. (This isn’t anything against the coach, this is just part of my hidden health issues and how they translate into social interactions combined with the discovery she made as I shared my background and where the budgeting course grew out from.) I took some time to regroup, calm the mind, have lunch, and pray, and then I opened up a blank notepad document.

What happened next has blown me out of the water! I was reminded of another quote I’ve been seeing a lot of lately in my Facebook newsfeed: Your greatest ministry grows out of your greatest trials. Imagine this “rough around the edges”, tomboy, fix-it, doer, hidden health-challenged single mother of two grown kids becoming a single parent coach??!! I’ve never had a potential blog list grow to well over 70 possible blog articles in one single sitting before! Blogging for me has been akin to journalling, something I’ve never been able to maintain for very long at any given time. I always introduce my blogs as being sporadic.

My perspectives are quite different from much of current mainstream 1st world thinking when it comes to parenting, let alone single parenting. Those self-descriptors in the previous paragraph influence how I view the world, circumstances, etc, as well. I asked my kids to review my list and they added a few more topics to it as we discussed life in a single parent home from their and my perspective.

I looked back at the notes I’d made from Friday’s session and questions began to enter my head to ask single parents in discovery calls or polls or questionnaires. I had no idea what questions I’d ask of people related to just budgeting itself, so when these came popping in, it was a bewildering surprise.

It appears God may be moving me in an entirely different direction than where I thought I was going. This may lead to a new blog separate from either my author blog or financial blog, and may lead to a new fb page separate from those pages too. I was concerned about what to put into a content calendar and suddenly I have over 70 topics to work on for various content types! It also suddenly makes sense why I’ve written some of the books I have as well. . .

Needless to say, I was simultaneously excited and mentally exhausted from all of this on Friday! I’ve been blogging about going the natural health coaching route so it only made sense to let readers know about this very large potential change in direction. We’ll see where God continues to take me. I think I found a coaching niche I actually have ideas, background and experience for!

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