The Mortal Threat of Relative Tolerance!

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(originally written and posted to FB in 2006.  Slight edit to repost in 2021)

It would appear as if the North American mind set taught in the public schools, colleges and universities, that has crept into political arenas, business, the arts, and social philosophy, the mind set that is pushed through the various forms of media, and enforced by Supreme Courts, is going to be the very tool used to bring about the downfall of western civilization!

What mind set is that? Relativism, the concept that there is no absolute truth. Tolerance is another block in this mind set, the concept that no one is wrong, everyone has a way that is right for them, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and choice of belief structure. These two concepts, relativism and tolerance, are being taught with ever more seriousness, urgency, and forcefulness across the nation, in the media, and through the shaping of the social conscience through all forms of secular entertainment. Look no further than Hollywood to see these efforts in full swing!

Sadly enough, these two concepts have infiltrated the social philosophy, world view, morals and ethics in the western church as well, regardless of denomination you choose to look at. Whether it’s the ordination of homosexuals and the re-interpretation that God didn’t really mean what He said about such lifestyles, or the rebuking of Israel for attempting to live in her God-given Covenant Land, the attempt to fit into society rather than stand out from it, the focus on humanitarian needs instead of marrying that with the Great Commission, or the embracing and invitation to other religions to share in worship services so that other religions understand that the Christian way isn’t the only way, no matter which way you slice it, these thought patterns have changed how the Church reads, interprets, and acts on, the Word of God itself!

In society, because of relativism and tolerance, anyone of the Judeo-Christian persuasion must be either indoctrinated as described above, or marginalized and/or outright persecuted for attempting to hold to Christ’s Words that He is the only way to Heaven, and that His way is the only way to live. Christians who have been successfully indoctrinated will turn against any Christian who isn’t, and accuse them of not being sensitive to those of other religions, of being homophobic, of refusing to get with the times and see that God had cursed Israel. These people don’t see the threats to their faith that are sliding into the public schools, and for many, the more blatant threats experienced at the hands of college and university philosophy professors cause them to lose their faith outright.

While North America itself, and western civilization as a whole, becomes a sitting duck for muslim invasion, the Church in turn, has become a sitting duck for humanism/socialism to one day walk in and take over. In case no one has noticed, the social/religious tolerance taught, preached, trumpeted, and believed by much of western society, completely ostracizes Christianity and those forms of Judaism that seek to whole-heartedly honor the Word of God. Indoctrinated Christians have no trouble with dividing the Land of Israel, see no problem with accepting alternative lifestyles, willingly engage in multi-faith endeavors, and encourage people to seek God however they see Him/her. Conferences and seminars to this end are happening all over. Speakers from the major “religions” are called in to share and speak, and present their corner of the religious spectrum. (edit 2021: this has happened where I live several times)

All while a much larger threat looms on the horizon! What is this threat? This threat is unseen, unheard, and if seen and heard, often misunderstood as to its real intentions. This threat’s goal is world domination by any means necessary. This threat sees relativism and tolerance as ways to get its foot in the door of unsuspecting westerners who embrace it with open arms, including this threat in their midst as just another “truth”, another “lifestyle choice”, and another “way to god”. This threat, is Islam! And nowhere in the world are the aims, goals, ideals, and methodologies better portrayed than in two regions of the Middle East, Iran, and the Palestinian Authority. “But those are extremes!” you may cry! No dear reader, they are not extremes. Similar thought patterns and ways of doing things have gone on for centuries in places like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, various African nations, and some parts of Asia to this day. What is new, is that now we are hearing about it, now we are seeing it on the ‘net, over the TV, on the radio. What is new, is that now Israel is here, a nation since 1948, to enflame and frustrate the “peaceful” aims of this religious sword!

All Islam has to do, is to hobnob with those who speak the languages of relativism and tolerance, and convince them of its own teachings that the “People of the Book” are a threat to them, and declare war against the Christians and Jews in western society. Humanism, secularism, proponents of evolutionary concepts, and proponents of the New World Order have already declared war on the Christian and Jew of western civilization, but their methods of warfare are not being seen, recognized, or fought against in our society. Why? Out of indoctrinated concern that to do so will brand the Christian or Jew as being intolerant of those around them!

student thinking and studing at deskWhat are these methods of their warfare? Make sure most children go to a public school, ensure they are exposed to world religions and political lifestyles, make sure they are taught to question the beliefs of their parents, and come up with their own understanding of their spirituality. Teach them that the Bible contains many errors, teach them to bolster what they read there with works from the ancient philosophers, and from those of other religions. Teach them that a loving God could not possibly mean what He said about alternative lifestyles, and be sure never to mention that along with the curse, God gave hope of future redemption for the house of Israel.

Make sure to indoctrinate their parents by pushing entertainment on them that challenge their Biblically held beliefs. Make bad guys look good by the end of the show, just put in a little “wrong” stuff here and there so that the Christian ends up saying “It wasn’t that bad, it only had one scene in it I don’t like”. From there, wean them onto harsher stuff, show them its ok to do things they thought God’s Word says is wrong. Spin the nightly news in such a way, as to make it a crime not to accept those whose values and beliefs differ from God’s stated path of Salvation. Never report on things that will alert the keener Christians to what is really going on.

Threaten pastors with revocation of tax exemption if they so much as raise a finger against governments or laws that contradict Scripture. Make sure they are brought to justice if they speak out against minority groups of any kind. Threaten Christian teachers that they will not receive their teaching certificate if they do not espouse the teachings of evolution and humanism. Revoke the certification of those that attempt to include Biblical morals and ethics in their classes.

If all this is done consistently and successfully, it will spread. Employers will refuse to hire employees who don’t share society’s level of tolerance. Lawyers and Judges will not adequately defend those who are opposed to “evolving truth” in society. Laws and rulings will increasingly favor what Christians and Jews refer to as sinful behaviour, and tell them both, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to deal with it, flip the channel, walk down another street, close your front door”. Make sure Christian or Jewish politicians check their faith at the door and don’t let their religious views affect their positions, jobs, opinions, or any other matter while serving their county/province/state/country.

Christians and Jews who are unknowingly affected by this indoctrination, will seek to blend in with society, will avoid being overly conspicuous as to outspoken beliefs, morals, or ethical standards in business, politics, entertainment, or education. Such people fear that to be outspoken in such things is to risk ridicule, loss of a job, court appearances, harassment, and more!

The final result of this indoctrination, is that Islam can weave its way into our society unhindered, under the guise of just another lifestyle, another religion, another political ideology, another moral and ethical plane of social existence. Christians in places of national responsibility, thanks to this indoctrination, have opened their arms to Islamic influences without even realizing what they are doing. President Bush for example in his policies involving the Middle East, had clearly been a student of this indoctrination both growing up, and in the church setting. Of all the western civilizations currently in existence, the US is the loudest when it comes to Christians that are trying to maintain themselves in society, and also the loudest when it comes to groups trying to strike down the Christian influence on society. In Britain, the muslim voice has grown to alarming levels, but very little is being done to squelch it, other than the occasional indictment on charges of incitement to violence on the part of some of the local Imams. In Canada, it isn’t specific groups trying to shut down Christianity, or Imams calling for violence, it is the government listening to minority groups and a Supreme Court clamping down on the “religious rights” and “freedom of speech” of the Christian in this country.

Slowly but surely, the western world is seeing a steady erosion of “freedom of speech” and “freedom of religion”. These freedoms continue to exist for all groups, religious or otherwise, except for the Judeo-Christian population. The “tolerance” that is shown to other religious, lifestyle, etc, groups, does not extend to the Jewish or Christian population, because Jews and Christians hold a very “intolerant” view of faith, morals, ethics, sin, and life in general.

This form of persecution, this form of war, is not easily recognized because there are no deaths, no public executions where a literal life is lost. Instead of snuffing out the life breath of a person, their reputation is snuffed out instead, their livelihood is snuffed out, their social circle moves them to the outside and rejects them, character assassination is alive and well for any Christian who finds himself in the public eye doing or saying anything that smacks of absolutes, or intolerance. In places such as China or Ethiopia, Christians understand that their very lifeblood is at stake, and rather than shrink from it, they come up with all kinds of ways to carry on the Great Commission until finally found out. Once found out, these courageous Christians willingly physically die for their faith. The stakes are obvious in such countries, and a person knows, a person sees, that there is an instant threat on their life if they accept Christ as Messiah and Lord! Christian visitors from these countries say that they do not envy us here, that there, they see a recognizable threat to their existence, while here, it is drowned in materialism, ladder-climbing, and in the efforts mentioned in previous paragraphs.

Christianity in the western world is being threatened! Western civilization as we know it is also being threatened, ironically, through the very mechanism that threatens Christianity! Together we have a common enemy, that can only be seen as such if the social/religious blinders come off first! We need to see through the relativism and so-called tolerance that is being pushed on us. We need to recognize the threat to our lifestyles, faith, and society, and we need to raise the alarm so that others see it too! Only with alert Christians who shed the scales society has placed on them, only with churches who shed the scales that have been placed over them, will we be able to sound the alarm.

The global community, made up of the individual God-ordained nations, is threatened by Islam, a religious/political ideology, that has now been used to turn Iran into a Theocracy of the highest order next to Saudi Arabia itself. One President of this nation wanted to take it upon himself to usher in the advent of what Islam refers to as “the 12th Imam” or what Christians would call “the Antichrist”, for if you look at the prophecies in Daniel 11 about the Anti-Christ, then look at the prophecies of this “12th Imam” who to them is their returning saviour, you see a clear indication that Satan can’t lie to his people about this situation, that all he can do is embellish it, and that the one Mr. Ahmadinejad wanted to usher in back in 2006, is none-other than the one who will attempt world domination before Christ returns.

Whether now is God’s timing for this to occur or not, we are not sure. We do know however that many of the props required for this to happen are falling into place very quickly. But that is a subject for another article. What we are concerned about here, is that the tools being used against us, are the same tools being used against Christians and Jews. It’s time for the Church to wake up!

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