Rule The World. . . With Food???

one world

one world established in 2013Found an interestingly-named product in my preferred grocery store’s flyer today:

OneWorld Halal Beef Patties

Apparently OneWorld Halal is a subsidiary to OneWorld Foods, which is a Canadian “small business” headed by second-generation Canadian Muslims. The company apparently was founded, according to LinkedIn, back in 2013, and began their trademark process in 2016. They received a venture funding round from District Venture Capitals in 2018, one of whose sponsors is Bank of Montreal and another named Tree of Life.

But the crazy thing for me, is wondering seriously, what is up with Islamic focus on one world this and one world that, and united this and united that.  Their own plans generally don’t unite anyone.

Yes, I know about their desire for a global caliphate and have some of that information on my machine since 2004. In that set of guidance, they encourage their people, wherever they are in the world, to work their way into leadership roles in one of 10 pillars of society (not unlike NAR’s 7 Mountains of Influence, though Islam had their list first). The concept of the Grand Caliphate includes preparing the world for the 12th Imam, also known as the Grand Mahdi. Scripture calls him the Anti-Christ or Man of Perdition or Beast. According to some shiite end-time prophecies, this man will fight against Christ, who descends down a ladder from heaven. Various shiite end-time prophecies are darkly laughable in their embellishments of how things will go once the Tribulation period begins, but suffice to say that the father of lies has a very hard time lying about his impending doom and that of his followers. All he can do is embellish the truth to make it sound less dire than it actually is.

The instructions for carrying out efforts toward the Grand Caliphate, include how to treat dhimmi’s, that’s those of us who are “people of the book”, and those who are non-muslim in general. Under caliphate rules, dhimmi’s are to be tolerated under most conditions, with the option to tax them, and if taxed, it is to be a fairly sizeable sum. Dhimmi’s who do not pay the tax can be killed with no questions, as they are infidels.  There’s nothing here about unification, unless you define unification as everyone under your way of doing things.

I don’t remember reading anywhere in grand caliphate literature that muslims were to not merely become leaders in the 10 societal pillars, but to seek a greater degree of tolerance (and supposedly respect) between various groups of people otherwise known as infidels to the islamic religion. But this is what we are seeing. The so-called moderates among the islamic faithful, are encouraging unity between groups of people where there has been history of animosity and in some cases, animosity well-earned.

Songdove Books - Wine GobletTake the efforts at unifying the world’s three major religions: Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam. There are now two centers, one in Germany and one in the UAE, where all three have buildings on the same site, and they are encouraged to meet with each other and learn about each other. At the same time, a third place is also being built (or soon, not sure if the shovel dug the dirt yet) that would be a conference center of sorts, featuring the three faiths yet again. Islamic leaders have been at the forefront of round tables encouraging delegates of the world’s religions to sit down and come up with a draft of common ideologies and values. The Catholic pope isn’t happy with just his organization at the table, and for a number of years now, has sought to re-integrate protestant Christianity with “the mother church”, entertaining various high-level evangelical names in the process, much to the dismay of those of us who are watching. The pope and a high-ranking Islamic Imam signed a memorandum ostensibly creating a new set of climate-change 10 commandments. They would have signed this on “Mt Sinai”, but Egypt wouldn’t allow it, so it was signed in London.

It has always been my understanding from years of going over the Scriptures, that the person who becomes the AntiChrist (capital AC), will be charismatic enough to bring the jewish and islamic worlds together. Various people have their favourite candidates, but the person will not be revealed until after the Church is raptured, so we can only conjecture at this point. We know a false prophet arises, a smaller beast according to Revelation, that will force the world to worship the AC, the first beast. So a one world religion WILL take place!

G20 HLIP ReportThe World Economic Forum has their One Health initiative spanning several organizations and pushed by the World Health Organization. Talking points were laid out for this over several years and neatly formulated into a 92 page pdf available for download off their site, look up “A Global Deal For Our Pandemic Age”. This document sounds increasingly like a one world government the more you read through it. Then we have climate change, which some are starting to refer to as a religion in it’s own right.

Back when Ahmadinejad was President of Iran, he said it was his duty to bring about the chaos that would usher in the Grand Mahdi. I would shake my head any time he reiterated that purpose for being on the world stage. Iran has a role to play in the end times, but I was dubious this leader would be the one leading it. However, Iran is now buddying up with both Russia and China, and China has succeeded in getting Iran to sit beside Saudi Arabia for the first time in decades!

The world is changing, and sometimes in eye-brow-raising ways. The rhetoric of the string pullers is filtering down to the lesser players as we get companies like OneWorld Foods here in Canada selling their goods in grocery stores and seeking to show the world that while we are all different in so many ways, we all eat. That’s a very simplistic way to look at the world, but it is how the Islamic world is obeying the dictates to implement the Grand Caliphate. Food and agriculture are one of the 10 societal pillars.

In the same way that a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name opens the door to a new life, Islam offers to feed your belly if you will eat in the way their halal dictates have laid out. Accept Halal, and you may be more likely to accept other fatwas as well, and more willing to bow when the time demands. After all, its just food, right? Right???

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