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The modern Christian concept of grace, a seeker-sensitive blend of “live and let live” and worldly tolerance, has resulted in various denominations rewriting Scripture, allowing blatant sin in the pulpit, and flying sodom’s flags out front of their church buildings. I’ve been inside meeting halls where some of these denominations have tried to couch this acceptance of sin as “loving”, “kind”, and “inclusive”. To say the sight made me cringe is an understatement!

Scripture teaches us to love the sinner and hate the sin. Christ told the prostitute to “go and sin no more”. Godly love accepts the person where they are, but loves them too much to leave them there. Godly love does not condone the person’s sin and even encourages them to stop engaging in it. Godly love does not participate in the person’s sin, but may sit nearby with a hand reached out should the sinner take it and accept the pull to the Cross. This is how some Christians can walk into bars and walk out with baby Christians in tow. It is the attitude with which I attended my first holistic fair as a vendor in early June. Though they didn’t invite me back, and ghosted me when I tried to resume contact with the organizers, the people who stopped by my booth were ministered to in an otherwise dark place.

But Christianity’s “acceptance” of sodomy in the parades, has resulted in sodomy in school libraries, in public libraries, and in positions of governmental leadership.

Contrast this to another religion who is known for killing the dhimmi and the infidel. A religion who holds a sword over your head and demands you describe them as a religion of peace or they will kill you! A religion whose moderates can be upstanding citizens of society until suddenly they are angry and they can’t figure out why, the teachings of thought and behaviour are so subtle to them. A religion whose “radicals” are simply following the tenets of their holy book to the letter, and whose sects have made up their own laws along the way (fatwas) that their own societies must follow or be beheaded, flogged, or killed by torture.

Canadian International Cultural Expo 2007This religion considers sodomy to be reprehensible, a blight on society, and worthy of the death penalty for any who are caught up in it. A big reason for this in their books is that sodomy is a death sentence to society. Sodomy cannot, in it’s own community, propagate the human race, and this religion prizes the concept of family and children (even if its a bit skewed and abused at times). This religion has it’s own ideas of what constitutes alternative lifestyles, child brides being a common one, but sodomy is often seen as completely different and how dare anyone teach it to their children!

Guess which faith is standing up the loudest against the teaching of sodomy and the grooming of children in public schools??!! Which faith is NOT a religion of peace, and which one SHOULD be?! Which faith offers freedom to it’s members and which one offers regulated chains?!

The latter is not only a threat to sodomites, but is also a threat to Christians anywhere they are found. Moderates will live and work side by side with Christians, but their own guide books explain how to subjugate dhimmis once this religion’s global caliphate is finally put into place. Due to moderates being willing to live and work beside Christians, it is possible to share God’s love with them and in some areas of the world, there is a massive revival going on as people from this religion come to Christ in droves!

BUT. . . the western world has a reckoning coming, and one of the first leaders to begin facing this reckoning is the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. He has tried to show himself friendly to both “the religion of peace”, and the sodomites. He’s sat on prayer mats and marched in parades. Now, this religion is standing up and telling schools to stop grooming their children for sodomite use. They are marching against drag queen story hour at public libraries. They recently had a chance to stare Trudeau in the face and bring the controversy directly to his feet! It will be interesting to see how Trudeau handles this clash of trains right in front of him. I predicted this would happen years ago, and we saw smaller clashes off and on over the years since then, but this is the most pronounced yet. Adherents of this religion are trying to be civil and legal about their protests and have not as yet, pulled out the sword against the sodomites or those promoting them (such as Trudeau who actually showed up on a prominent drag queen’s TV show). However, I have a feeling those days are numbered!

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